Metal Detecting

Whites Spectra V3i

Whites Spectra V3i Metal Detector

With Full-Color High Definition Display & 10" Double D Search Coil

Spectra V3i is White’s finest turn-on-and-go metal detector using 3 frequency detection to find the oldest,

deepest treasures. HD color display, 10 Preset Hunting Programs, wireless program transfer, and much more.

The White’s Spectra V3i features a Full-Color High Definition Display. All the target information you need now in bold,

high contrast color! Bigger VDI numbers, icons and Signagraph. Use the Zoom key to enlarge or reduce display info.

Hunt using the preset color pallets or create your own custom color schemes for each program.

10 All-New Turn-on-and-Go Hunting Programs set up by the experts at White’s. Choose from Coin, Coin and Jewelry,

Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, High Trash, Hi-Pro, Mixed Mode Pro, and Meteorite. It’s as easy as turning

on your TV and choosing the program you want to see


•    3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies

•    3 x 3 Target ID System

•    9 Preset Hunting Programs

•    Adjustable Backlight

•    Color-Keyed Disc Pattern

•    Dozens of Expert Menu Options

•    Full-Color High Definition Display

•    Live Controls for Real-Time Adjustments

•    On-board Quick Reference Guide

•    Owner Registration (Software Embedded)

•    Polar Plot Vector Screen

•    Prospecting Scan

•    Six-Block Menu

•    Soil Type Select

•    Wireless Ready


•    2 Year Warranty

•    10" DD Search Coil

•    Weight : 4.5 lbs (2kgs)

•    Frequencies : 22.5 kHz, 2.5 kHz or 7.5 kHz

•    All Metal Audio : Array

•    Disc Audio : All Options

•    Battery Life : 8-10 Hours

•    Length : 44" - 52" Adjustable

•    Search Modes : 10 All-New-Turn-On-and-Go Modes

•    Coin / Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver

•    High Trash, Meteorite, Hi-Pro, Mixed Mode Pro and Common

•    Audio Output : Speaker & 1/4" Headphone

•    8-AA + NiMH Battery Operation (batteries included)

Whites V3i Control Panel

The V3i from Whites




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