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Whites MXT All Pro

Whites MXT All Pro Metal Detector

The MXT All-Pro combines popular new features with the proven, legendary performance of the MXT line - it’s like having three metal detectors in one! You’ll enjoy its all-new keypad, high-efficiency backlight, and Ground Grab settings lock. This favorite comes with a 10" DD search coil.

Just toggle the switch between gold prospecting, coin / jewelry or relic. The MXT All-Pro becomes a specialized metal detector for that type of treasure. MXT All-Pro, the performance found in specialty metal detectors now with the flexibility to hunt for coins, jewelry and relics. With three new programs; coin / jewelry mode, relic mode, and prospecting mode, you will be finding treasure in no time! Each operating mode contains optional search and discriminate methods, i.e. Disc Notch, Mixed Mode Audio, VCO and much more.


•    3 Easy-to-Adjust Controls :

•    Gain : Maximizes Sensitivity and Depth

•    Dual : Controls Functions Differently in Each Program

•    Threshold : Allows you to Hunt with a Slight Hum or Hear Only the Sound of Detected Targets

•    Primary and Automatic Modes - Plus, Pinpoint and Track Stop

•     Adjustable SL Rod System. Perfect Balance and Control for All-Day Hunting Comfort

•    All Search Modes have an Overload Alert, VDI Range of -95 to +95, and 3-Easy-to-Adjust Controls

•    Automatic Ground Balance : Simple, Lightening Fast, and Accurate. From Mountain Minerals to Salt Water


•    2 Year Warranty

•    10" DD Search Coil

•    Frequency : 14 kHz

•    Weight : 4.2 lbs (1.9kgs)

•    Batteries : (8) AA

•    Search Modes : 3

•    Prospecting : Iron Grunt for Targets for High Probability of being Iron

•     Relic : Specifically Identifies Buttons, Buckles and Bullets with Three Options for Tone ID

•    Coin / Jewelry : Coin, Jewelry, Trash Target ID with Seven Tones Telling you the Type of Target before you Dig

•    Number of Presets : 3

•    Battery Life : 40 Hours

•    All Metal Audio : Audio

•     Disc Audio : All Options

•   Adjustable Length : 46" - 53"

•    Audio Output : Speaker & 1/4 Headphones

Whites MXT All Pro Control Panel

The MXT All Pro from Whites




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