Metal Detecting

Whites Bullseye II Pinpointer

Whites Bullseye II Pinpointer

When you've located a target and dug the hole, use the White's Electronics Bullseye II Pin-Pointer to precisely "pinpoint" the target.

No tuning needed the unit is completely automatic. Works in either "vibration" or "beep" mode. Powerful LED light illuminates target

areas when the button is pushed.

Powered for up to 20 hours on a single 9-Volt battery. 36 kHz operating frequency, doesn't interfere with any other metal detector.


•    Fully automatic, Simple and efficient, the Bullseye is a silent search unit with an audio sound loud enough to feel in your hand.

•    Bullseye II speeds target recovery by quickly letting you know where the target is: in the bottom of the hole, side of the hole, turf flap, or in the pile of dirt removed from the hole.

•    Once the general location has been pinpointed with a conventional detector, near surface metals can easily be located with the Bullseye, avoiding serious digging altogether.

Whites Bullseye II Pinpointer

Whites Bullseye II Pinpointer




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