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Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector

The Lobo SuperTRAQ is the pinnacle of electronic gold prospecting technology. No other detector gives you the fast, accurate

and reliable ground tracking in normal and severe soils like the Lobo SuperTRAQ. Tesoro's famous discrimination circuitry lets

you relic and coin hunt too.The new grey color scheme is to match the H.O.T. Technology family of detectors already in production.

We also changed the battery test tone and length of the tone, because many customers had complaints about the old tone.

The Lobo SuperTRAQ is simply one of the finest gold nugget metal detectors you can buy. Tesoro's SuperTRAQ Computerized

Ground Tracking System solves the detectorist's greatest problem-ground balancing. No matter where you hunt, the Lobo SuperTRAQ

will quickly self-adjust to eliminate minerals letting you find more gold with ease. Discrimination circuitry with instant pinpointing at your

fingertips takes the awesome power of the Lobo SuperTRAQ into every type of metal detecting you do.


•    Operating Frequency - 17.8 kHz

•    Searchcoil Type - Elliptical, Widescan

•    Searchcoil Size - 10" elliptical (length)

•    Searchcoil Family - Delta

•    Cable Length Approx.- 8'

•    Audio Frequency Approx. - 330 Hz to 550 Hz

•    Audio Output1 - ½" speaker and headphone jack

•    Headphone Compatibility - ¼" stereo plug

•    Weight (may vary slightly) - 3.5 lbs

•    Battery Requirement - Eight AA cells (alkaline)

•    Battery Life (typical) - 20 to 30 hours

•    Optimum Temp. Range - 30° to 100° F

•    Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H.

•    Operating Modes - All Metal (motion required) Silent Search Discriminate

•    All Metal Tuning Mode - Fast Auto Tune

•     Pinpoint Mode - No-Motion All Metal (no Auto Tune)

Lobo Control Panel

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ




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