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Tesoro Compadre

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

The Tesoro Compadre is one of the easiest to use, yet effective metal detectors out today. This little Tesoro metal detector can

compete with the higher end detectors.Turn on the detector and you’re working in a silent search, motion all metal mode. The

more your adjust the knob, the more discrimination you are using for those hard to detect sites. The Compadre comes standard

with a 5.75″ round concentric coil, which also gives you the ease of use to get in and around tight spaces.

The Compadre is now available with an 8″ round concentric coil. This coil will give you a bigger target sweep area and better

depth on bigger targets

The Compadre has it all. One knob adjustment for the novice and high gain circuitry and the famous Tesoro

ED-180 discrimination for the advanced user. If one metal detector can do all of this, maybe less is more.


•    Operating Frequency - 12 kHz

•    Searchcoil Type - Round concentric, hardwired Searchcoil Size 5.75″ or 8″

•    Cable Length - Approx. 3′

•   Audio Frequency - Approx. 630 Hz

•    Audio Output - 1 ½” speaker and headphone jack

•     Headphone Compatibility - ¼” stereo plug

•    Weight (may vary slightly) - 2.2 lbs

•     Battery Requirement - One 9 Volt DC (alkaline)

•     Battery Life (typical) - 10 to 20 hours

•    Optimum Temp. Range - 30° to 100° F

•    Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H.

•    Operating Modes - Silent Search Discriminate

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