Metal Detecting

Temp Ali

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

Hello Sir -

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you -

I have received the meat detector and after assembling and quickly testing, I have

discovered that the shafts do not tighten together very well leaving the entire platform

to wobble when swinging the coil -

On a positive note the metal detector performs very well and would match the Teknetics G2

with no problems what so ever -

I have added a video for you to look at - My apologies for the quality

This page cannot be seen by anyone except you and me & it will be deleted after you have viewed it

Thank you again Sir - If you have any questions please ask -

Hello again Sir

I have added another video and photos to help explain the problem and how we might solve it

As you can see Sir, there clearly is a lot of movement between the shafts

and this can be directly attribute to the fact that the 'male end of the middle

shaft is too small to satisfy the gaping female end of the 'S' shaft (upper) -

The middle shaft (black) & the 'S' (upper) shaft (gold) - It is where they connect is the problem.

Far too much difference in diameter sizing between joins.

1. Middle shaft

2. 'S' (Upper) shaft

I would recommend that YOU Sir find a 'S' (upper) Gold Shaft & Black Middle Shaft that DO lock together TIGHTLY. But please DO check PRIOR to shipping BOTH shafts.

Sir I am willing to help contribute towards costs, however PLEASE make sure parts lock together TIGHTLY

Thank you very much for your time and assistance