Metal Detecting

Signum Aka Sorex 7281

Signum Aka Sorex 7281 Metal Detector

Sorex7281 Metal Detector is designed to search for and identify metal objects in dielectric (dry sand, wood etc) and low-conductivity environment (soil, brick walls etc). The device can be used in the following areas: - criminalistics; -engineering corps; -housing and utilities infrastructure, civil construction and firefighting, detection of buried utilities, pipelines, cables, manhole hatches, water-posts, valve caps etc; -archeology and search for buried treasure.

Sorex7281 is a selective eddy current metal detector working on the induction balance. The device is produced in two versions: -version 1.01 powered by one Li battery (type 14500 3,7V);-version 1.04 powered by 4 АА batteries.The key feature of this device is that it is one of our lightest models. Its weight in basic configuration (search coil 6х10”DD-14) is approximately 1kg (version 1.01).


•      Operation Frequencies: 1 to 30

•     Automatic compensator input allows to reach sensitivity to 65cm for 25mm coin (10" DD / 7kHz)

•    A unique algorithm for identification of flat metal objects (S-algorithm)

•     Large high contrastable LCD display (128mm x 64mm)

•    Immediate visualization of targets during search

•    HOLOGRAPH identification of targets: Spectral - graphic images

•    Two independent channels of search: RT (Real Time) - ST (Short Tone)

•    4 modes of sound indication with the possibility of setting the tone & the limits of sound

•    Automatic & Manual Ground Balance

•    Automatic correction of ground balance with adjustable speed readjustment

•    Dynamic & static modes of searching

•    Unique algorithm discriminatory suppression & display "hot rocks"

•    6 course menu with instant access to all primary & secondary settings

•    A quick overview of the status of the master settings

•    S - shaped ergonomic design

•    Waterproof search coil

•    Waterproof housing electronic control module

•    Possibility for rapid change of search coils in the field without presets

•    Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA Batteries

•    Battery life: up to 30hrs depending on modes

•    Weight with batteries: 1.15kg (2.5lb)

Additional Search Coils

•    MarsMD 10x6 Sniper • DD • ellipse • inches 10x6 • cm 25 x 15

•    MarsMD 13 Discovery • DD • round • inches 13 • cm 33

•    MarsMD 13x10 Tiger • DD • ellipse • inches 13x10 • cm 33 x 25

•    MarsMD 15 Goliath • DD • round • inches 15 • cm 38

•     MarsMD 7 DD • DD • round • inches 7 • cm 18

Signum Aka Sorex 7281 Control Panel

Signum Aka Sorex 7281




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