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Quest Scuba Tector

Quest Scuba Tector

The Pulse Induction method Scuba Tector features a 5 x 4” mono coil and 60M/200FT submersible shell. The 4×5″ coil allows for great sensitivity and depth of penetration while remaining lightweight and mobile. Its waterproof design allows for effective assistance on underwater hunts for up to 60 meters. The Scuba Tector also features a ribbed, ergonomic body which helps with comfort and stability while detecting underwater. The Scuba Tector is a great addition to any recreational metal detecting or history recovering activities. Grab one and get wet this summer!


•     Powered by Li-Po battery

•    5x4” epoxy resin filled mono coil

•    LED/Buzzer/Vibration alert

•    For 200F/60M underwater operation

•    Ribbed and ergonomic body

•    Easy to use two buttons control

•    Lost alarm

•    Lanyard attachment loop cap

•    LED flashlight


•    Protection: 200 ft / 60m under fresh or saltwater

•    Length: 42cm

•    Weight: 380g

•    Thickness: Max 4cm

•    Battery: Built in Li-Po rechargeable battery (with USB charger)

•    Working Method:Pulse induction

•    Operating Frequency: 95 kHz

•    Battery life: 14Hrs

•    Tuning: Automatic or manually (retune)

•    Indicators: Audio / Vibration/LED Beam Lights

•    RAIT: Ratio Alarm Indication Technology, Response will be intense when probe close to objects.

•     Controls: Power switch (On / Off) Mode control, LED flashlight,Re-tune(Once power on)

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