Metal Detecting

Quest Q30+

Quest Q30+ Metal Detector

The Quest Q30+ offers advanced technology and great features for any detectorist who wants to go to the next level. The Q30+ is equipped with a

28 × 23 cm Turbo DD RaptorX search coil for more depth and faster reaction speed. In addition, the Q30+ is waterproof and submersible up to 5m.

The handle and the linkage can be easily adjusted using cam-locks and with the Quest the best sites can be saved and shared with Go APP.

The integrated 3000 mAh Li-Po battery offers a running time of approx. 30 hours.

The Quest Q30 comes with microprocessors and the exclusive one Quest Software for the highest speed and the greatest possible precision.

The Q30 impresses with its simple operation and is the perfect companion for beginners and advanced users. Additional features such as master

value ID, iron discrimination and a pinpoint function (precise location determination of the target) facilitate the excavation of the found object.

The integrated vibration function is ideal for searching in noisy surroundings or when searching under water when the display is not visible.


•    Quest Q30+ Metal detector

•   28 x 23 cm (11 "x 9") Turbo DD RaptorX search coil

•    Coil protection (already attached)

•    Magnetic charging cable

•    Wirefree Lite Headphones

•    Manual


•   Water Resistance up to 5m

•    Frequency: 14KHz VLF

•    Increased search efficiency in salt water

•    Vibration mode to search underwater

•     15 volume levels

•    Modes: Park, Field, Beach, Gold

•    Two levels of brightness on LED

•    25 Signal segments

•    Threshold, tones, FeSen

•    Automatic or Manual ground balance

•    99 Targets Identification Numbers

•    Charging via a magnetic link

•     Battery with a capacity of up to 3000mAh

•     Telescopic seat post with a maximum folding of 80cm

•    Depth reader

•    QuestGo Connection

•    Armrest with support

•    Weight: 1.15kg

•    Wirefree Lite Headphones

•     Waterproof Headphones (Optional)

Quest Q30+ Control Panel

Quest Q30+ Metal Detector




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