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Tesoro Vaquero first targets for new owner

Thanks for the share Karl & I hope you hit some yellow stuff soon ;)

Tesoro Vaquero finds 1875 Penny

Almost Empty

It's getting really hard now to scratch out a good target at my local

The best finds of all

For many its the chase of the gold, recovering our history or even water hunting jewelry can be a the driving force behind why we choose to do this cool hobby. To me, its finding good genuine people you can call a mate. Here is a few pics of what a good mate had given me a while back & they are priceless to me - Cheers Bro

The Tesoro Vaquero picking up the first of two silver coins

My new (used) Tesoro Vaquero

I cant wait to spend some time on this particular metal detector as this have been on my wish list for a few years now

Yet another silver threepence from this little unit

Recent finds from some quality low priced detectors

You don't need to spend a lot of money to find that treasure

A productive day out with a great little metal detector even the experts hold in high regard - Famous Trails MD1023

Just a few more pictures of the MD1023 & its finds

A very capable metal detector for those starting out in the hobby - Contact us for more details

A well respected Australian Hunter is rewarded by his Nokta FORS CoRe -

22k Gold Bracelet - Sometimes this hobby does reward you, most times however its not as impressive (well done Ronnie) What a great find

It doesn't get much better than this -

I have never been jealous of any finds that anyone discovers but I am so jealous regarding this hunter in Asia - I pulled these from a FB Group. Unfortunately I cannot remember which one to give this man the credit. I cannot wait, so one day I too can experience hunting in far off shores -

The following was recently posted up on Stealth Diggers by a member

"A new child day care center asked if I could metal detect the bark chip play area for sharps before they opened"

Target Recovery is as important as locating the targets themselves

This picture shows how good you can become with a little practice. It is important to leave all area's you hunt as you find them. Fill your plugs and remove/recycle your rubbish. Remember what you do reflects on us all in the hobby. Best thing you can do if you are new to metal detecting is to tag along with an experienced detectorist for a few hunts. Enjoy the hobby & happy hunting - (nice work Frits)

Three more recent finds from around NZ

The first two finds from a new Metal Detecting enthusiast

Fortunately for me and a client up north I was able to sell my demo GF2 so they can enjoy this wonderful hobby. You don't have to pay big money to enjoy this hobby and keep up with those swinging the $1000+ units. Thank you for sharing Deb

Three more glorious finds by NZ hunters

I love this picture

Sure its not the best find of the month (Dec16) but its certainly a nice picture of a NZ 1946 Silver Sixpence

It's not all Beer & Skittles

Unable to get away from my local park due to health and other issues, I am now starting to dig virtually anything that may give me a slight hint of being a good target - Good targets are hard to come by but its still great to get this rubbish out of the Park.

Nokta FORS CoRe

Fortunately for earthSCAN MD Joe has offered to take the FORS CoRe through it's paces on the beach and no doubt coin/relic hunting. Thanks Joe for taking time out to enjoy the new force in the industry. Thanks for the picture mate, it sure looks like a beautiful place to hunt & live ;)

The 'Intimidator' has landed

The Nokta FORS Relic has been on my scope ever since the USA Beta testers started to describe the abilities of this particular unit - The above picture is of the Relics first retrieved signal. Not much to get excited about however I am sure the FORS Relic will be as good as what we have come to expect from Nokta.

Joe McGregor vs the GF2

Thanks Joe for providing some valuable feedback on the GoldFinder2 Metal Detector. You certainly highlighted the Pro's & Con's of this particular unit, which is by no means, an easy thing to do especially when - No-one wants to speak of this unit & the fact that the original T2/GF2 is also a very different type of metal detector to setup when compared to other more common brands. To know that you can take time out to not only review this unit but also get your head around it in such a short time frame makes you a valuable asset to anyone wanting impartial feedback on a product or item.

Now here is some of Joe's highlights - Review here

Nokta Pointer in its element under water

I finally managed to get out into the creeks for a bit of a play around. No gold, however the Nokta Waterproof Pointer certainly did not disappoint. If you are looking for a tough Pointer which is sensitive to small gold & fully waterproof then this is the Pointer to get. Easily the best valued Pointer on the market today.

Daddy's Little Girl

How lucky were we to have a metal detecting expert all the way from Turkey show my wee angel the power of the Nokta FORS CoRe? I am sure she will remember you always for your patient teachings and your sense of humor. I look forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon -

Nokta FORS CoRe North Island Tour

As most of you are aware Nokta NZ Aotearoa has a demo Nokta FORS CoRe for the seasoned hunters to give it a spin and it appears it is gaining some great feedback with impressive results – Here is a quick look at some of the finds by a well known & respected NZ hunter – Amazingly, one of those silver coins was retrieved at 330mm (10”+) deep and the FORS CoRe was smacking on it hard -

More Silver for the GF2

This is the next hunt using the GoldFinder2 in a well hunted out park. Again this metal detector never ceases to amaze me. The small bullet was found at a depth of 6 - 7" and it rang out loud on the GF2. These are a fantastic gold and relic detector at an affordable price backed up with a twelve (12) month RTB warranty. Take one for a spin -

Nokta FORS CoRe - 'doing it down-under'

Fortunately for us at earthSCAN, a very well respected NZ hunter decided to upgrade his gear and recently received the Nokta FORS CoRe Pro Pack & Waterproof Pointer - We were fortunate enough to get some pictures sent through to us of his initial finds -

GoldFinder2 Finds Silver

Although not having used the GF2 for quite some time now due to reviewing other products, I had managed two very quick hunts with it. These are the finds from my local park which has had all manner of detectors over it and I was pleasantly surprised to come always with these. The GoldFinder2 metal detectors are easily the best valued metal detectors on the market today. Don't be fooled by those who do not know the power of the GF2 -

A young prospector & his Compadre in the Longwoods

Makro Racer & GoldFinder2 Metal Detectors at local park -

These are just two metal detectors that we use here at earthSCAN - High end gear at low end prices.................Always here to help........


The name synonymous when it comes to treasure hunting - I suppose like so many it was that well known family in the USA that got me hooked on metal detecting. I stumbled across a picture of my first metal detector that started my addiction. Ironically I never really used this detector as it was well beyond my learning curve and as some suggested, it could take me up to 100 hours to competently use this unit. It was with that I started to look more into the hobby and purchased a more up to date & easier to learn Fisher F2

Makro Pointer

This was just sent through to me by another happy Makro Pointer owner - "The rings are the 18ct white gold one and a silver one. The arm band is silver. The oldest coin is 1873 penny (UK) The buttons are from the 1800's (best ring edge). I found these things all over the Coromandel region" - Thanks for sharing Jon and I am happy you are enjoying the Makro Pointer

Clearfield Solutions

The items from this picture were recently removed from between the 22mtr line and the try line of a popular rugby field in Southland - The majority of those items were found between 1" - 7" below the surface and could have easily ended up somewhere else -

If you are a sports club then please contact us at any time during the year, so we can arrange to electronically sweep your venues, at a time that suits your busy schedule - This service is in most cases FREE

Just send us an email & we will take care of the rest - earthSCAN

Punching above their weight

Congratulations to Makro on their recent release of their Makro Racer - I have been flat out with other business commitments so I have only logged a few hours on the Racer -

However I do concur with the initial US testers that the Racer certainly has that little extra that does bring old hunt sites back to life as it has the ability to hit coins solidly in the ground, even if they are on their edge -

The Makro Racer Pro Package offers great value for the money considering you get virtually everything you need to be successful right from the very start -

Makro Racer's First Silver

Coin Spill

Found at the same location as the Makro Racer's first silver

GoldFinder2 finds Gold

This was just sent through to me regarding a lucky hunter in Europe who found this beautiful Gold bird with Diamond eyes -

What a great find - Go the GF2

First Real Hunt with the Nokta FORS CoRe

I finally had a break in the weather and some time to take the new FORS CoRe out for a run. A New machine with a relatively new hunt area to explore. I set the CoRe on DI3 Sens 80 IDM 10 and let her loose. A couple of hours of enjoying the sunshine and the way the Nokta effortlessly swung across the field made the entire experience a pleasure. Highlights of the hunt were two silver coins both 1946 sixpence & shilling - A chunky ring which I later discovered had no markings - A ladies watch - Four pennies in one hole & of course various other coins.......

Its also a relief to get those other targets removed from the area as well.

Nokta FORS CoRe

Easily one of the best VLF detector I have had the pleasure to own. These detectors will keep up with some of the best in virtually all environments from coin/relic hunting to beach detecting and electronic prospecting. (please note larger coil fitted in pic)

Nokta Pointer - (Fully Waterproof)

I used this pointer in conjunction with me testing and reviewing the Nokta FORS CoRe Metal Detector - These are just a few of the finds the Nokta Pointer helped recover during this time -

My GoldFinder2

Simply one of the best all round metal detectors for under $600 - I have made a couple of modifications to mine by replacing the upper shaft with my F2 one so the GF2 is now gold and fitted it out with Neoprene control box & battery housing covers - These detectors have a great feel to them and will keep up with machines costing three times the price.......Contact me if you want to try one out ......

Trash or Treasure?

Here is an example of the not so good finds but regardless hold some interesting information to our past......