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Buying Equipment Internationally

If you are looking at importing/purchasing equipment from overseas then there are a few precautions to undertake in order to ensure things go as smoothly as possible -

I have imported many detectors & accessories over the years and have found that there are at least two things you need to do to safeguard yourself -

First, you need a secure way to make payment & to make sure you get what you pay for. What's worked for me in the past and to this day is making payments via PayPal. It ensures you that, not only get what you pay for, but if its not in the condition advertised you can simply open a dispute & PayPal will sort it out -

I know there are many ways to pay for goods but I have experienced myself first hand being a victim of a purchase off eBay that went bad & the seller took a lot of people for almost $1000 each. This was my first ever big purchase from overseas and I was gutted at the time. Thankfully I had paid using PayPal and was fully refunded within 10 days. PayPal from what I understand take it upon themselves to chase down the scammers which takes the Onassis off the purchaser. A godsend if you ask me -

So I personally recommend you seriously look at opening a PayPal account. More information is provided by clicking on their link -

Although not as important as PayPal, it is also a benefit to have an overseas postal address.

Again we are fortunate that NZ Post has been pro-active in this regard in helping many purchasers have the ability to buy products from overseas retailers who do not ship outside of their country for one reason or another -

I have found the shipping costs of YouShop to be a lot cheaper than many of the retailers who do ship overseas -

Again this is not essential however it gives you many more options when it comes to purchasing overseas & remember a lot of retailers in the USA for instance offer free shipping within their country. So having it sent to your YouShop address costs you nothing and the shipping costs from YouShop are hard to beat -

There are also many alternatives but YouShop works for me and it might end up being great for you. More information available here -