Metal Detecting

OKM Evolution NTX

 OKM Evolution NTX

3D Metal detector for Treasure Hunters and Gold Seekers

3D Metal detector for Treasure Hunters and Gold Seekers

The metal detector and 3D ground scanner Evolution NTX can be used by treasure hunters,

gold seekers, metal detectorists and archaeologists who are looking for buried objects, hidden artifacts or other lost items like -

•     Lost valuables (rings, coins, jewelries, wedding bands)

•    Buried treasures and artifacts

•    Ancient boxes, chests, chambers and sepulchers

Unlike other metal detectors, the Evolution NTX can process graphical 3D images of underground treasure hoards and

detected anomalies. Thus, you can determine size and depth of potential finds before digging. The deep penetration

capability is just another advantage of our 3D ground scanner. Many great treasure finds prove the potential of our

metal detecting technology made in Germany.

•     Entry-level: Perfect detector for the introduction to 3D ground scan technology, combined with a VLF coil for finding treasures

•    Depth: Customers found objects up to 5 - 8 m deep - check our references

•    Use cases: treasure hunting, cavity detection, natural gold prospecting

•    Operating modes: Ground Scan, Live Sound

•    Detectable objects: Treasure chests, cavities, tunnels


•    3D Visualization

•    3D Ground Scan

•    Color display / Touchscreen

•    GST / EMSR

•    Height Adjustment

•    Inductive Search Coil

•    LED Lighting

•    Live Sound

•    Multilingual Operation

•     Rechargeable high-Capacity Battery

•    Speaker

•    Wireless Technology

OKM Evolution NTX Control Panel

OKM Evolution NTX




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