Metal Detecting

Nokta Velox One

Nokta Velox One Metal Detector

Everything you expect from a detector: Superior performance in high mineralization. Depth. Speed. Easy use. Lightness and Ergonomics.

Velox Has It All! Ideal for coins, jewelry, relics, and small metals that are difficult to detect; Velox has been developed for tough ground conditions.

Velox offers an exceptional detector to users by combining its depth advantage, speed and ease of use with its newly designed search coil

and special settings that enable convenient use in high mineralization.

You will enjoy detecting targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach as well as easily searching in high mineralized ground

(extremely salty soil, wet beach sand, wet plowed land or highly magnetic ground conditions) which are problematic for most detectors.




Search Coils

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Nokta Velox One - Ground Balancing




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