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Nokta Golden King NGR

Nokta Golden King NGR Metal Detector

Nokta, The World Leader in DPR+ has just made a huge improvement to an already Best Selling DPR Detector. The DPR coil is one of the most important parts of any detecting system and with Nokta’s extensive research and development in DPR coil design they were able to greatly extend their coils effectiveness and performance. First the Nokta engineers wanted to greatly reduce the weight of each coil by making significant improvements to the search coils internal design. These new changes have reduced the total weight by over 35% making it one of the lightest DPR coil made today. Another important improvement was to control the actual temperature of the coil itself when used in a hot environment allowing these new Improved coils to offer 40% better stability and much greater sensitivity to go even deeper into the ground on buried Treasure. No other DPR detectors on the market today can make these claims! Nokta, simply better technology!

Nokta Engineering, has been producing the most highly developed civil, military, and technical detecting systems in the world for years. To celebrate their 7th anniversary Nokta has surpassed all previously produced detectors with its new generation DPR+ Technology. With one of the most advanced Research and Development facilities of the world, Nokta Engineering has again proven to be the indisputable leader in its field with its new Golden King (Detector) DPR+.

You haven’t seen or heard anything like this new generation DPR+, because it really is one of a kind. This is the most advanced electromagnetic detection system ever produced. Golden King (Detector) DPR+ was produced using the ARM9 micro-processing technology having the capability to process 150% more samples and is 210% faster than an ordinary metal detector! It is the only system in the world to process images of its targets in REAL-TIME as they are discovered. Let’s look at some of the features below that make up this state of the art machine.

Golden King (Detector) DPR’s unique software and hardware provide a complete analysis of target signals. Every underground object has some level of surface effect on it which sometimes is so small for older and ordinary systems to detect. Golden King (Detector) DPR+ allows you to analyze even the smallest details. You will experience the pleasure of having the most advanced technology at hand and you will be able to carry your searches and investigations without missing a clue.




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