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Coming Soon.....

Detectival 2017

Well this seems like its the place to be for that annual pilgrimage to far off, distant lands. Kind of the Disneyland for Detectorists where the manufacturers can show their latest and greatest as well as giving diggers a chance to take home some really nice finds.

Now don't be too disappointed if you do not find that hammered silver or a Roman artifact as you can most likely purchase one there at the Rally. I think this is the go to place if you are as mad about metal detecting as I am. I know when I am in a position to attend one of these Rally's, I would be there in a flash and with a grin on.

Be like Heaven, but without the pain of getting there - lol - Anyways there is lots to see, latest gear, great people, famous people (well famous to us poor addicted swingers) & being immersed neck deep in history (if you are swinging the right gear ;)) is hard to beat. So anyways Guys - here is a link to the Detectival website to see what its all about and hopefully you too will one day venture back in time and enjoy a dream break at - Detectival

Makro Racer3

Still early days but if Makro are going to release a waterproof Racer, I am sure it will have a direct effect on the Garrett AT series sales. If the Racer3 has the same abilities to hunt at salty beaches and highly mineralized soils like their previous models, then they will no doubt be a force in the metal detecting industry.

You only have to look at how quickly they respond to their customers wishes to know that both Makro/Nokta are leading the industry when it comes to new & exciting technology.

This in my opinion will no doubt be the ultimate in metal detectors, however we must also be cautious when it comes to manufacturers releasing waterproof units. You only have to look at the recent release of the Whites MXS to know that its a little harder when it comes to waterproof units.

This is certainly the area Garrett has dominated in for quite sometime now and their latest release, the AT MAX, will be hitting the shelves next month (Aug).


Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones

Many may not know this but Bill is a keen metal detectorist who has been quietly hunting his Suffolk estate for Roman treasure.

He has loaned his collection of finds to the Moyse's Hall Museum in Bury St Edmunds as part of its Lost Property exhibition.


Amateurs discover Denmark’s largest ever stash of Viking gold

Three amateur archaeologists recently discovered the biggest stash of Viking gold ever found in Denmark.

At 900 grams (1.948 pounds), the stash is comprised of seven attractively made bracelets. Six were made out of gold, and one was of silver.

The Sønderskov museum was very excited about the bracelets, which were recently handed over to them. They date back to 900AD, and are decorated in a style typical of high-class Viking jewelry.

They were found by Poul Nørgaard Pedersen, Marie Aagaard Larsen, and Kristen Dreiøe, who created the amateur metal detector club “Team Rainbow”.

They discovered the bracelets in a field located in Vejen. The three will receive compensation for the find before the museum puts the artifacts on display.

(The location of Vejen in Denmark)

The museum had previously considered searching the field for artifacts, as a 67 gram gold chain was discovered there in 1911.

A spokesman for the museum said the recently discovered bracelets were likely related to this chain.

Peter Pentz of Denmark’s National Museum said, “To find just one of these rings is huge, so it is something special to find seven.

The Viking Age is actually the ‘silver age’ when it comes to hoards. The vast majority of them contain only silver. If there is gold, it is always a small part, not like here, the majority.”

The previous largest find of Viking gold was made in Jutland, and weighed 750 grams.

'Nighthawks': Tracking the criminals....

'Nighthawks': Tracking the criminals plundering ancient sites with the latest equipment -

Clad in camouflage jackets and clutching the tools of their trade, the three men who descended after dark on a Gloucestershire village appeared to be conventional burglars. But rather than thieving from a building, their target was an open field.

For four hours on a night in October, the trio brandished powerful metal detectors and trowels as they swept land on a farm south of Stroud before an accomplice arrived at 2am to take them and their plunder away. Were it not for clandestine night vision cameras recording their labours, the only evidence of this nocturnal larceny would have been the holes left by their probing in the ploughed ground.

The men were “nighthawks” – metal detectorists who raid ancient sites to dig up artifacts, which rather than being offered for public scrutiny then disappear forever into auctions or private collections.


Metal Detecting Rally - Christchurch

Saturday 6th of May 2017

Horse Shoe Lake - Red Zone Land Permission

Come & join us for a great day out for all the Family - Meet new friends, check out the latest equipment & participate in a seeded hunt -

Spot Prizes on the day

A fun & exciting hobby the whole family will enjoy -

Arizona desert hunter finds veteran's dog tags missing for 75 years

“When I pulled it out of the ground, it was like digging up a gold bar. I was so thrilled,” said Vinck.

It wasn’t a gold bar but it was valuable, just not the monetary type.

“I made it my mission to find the owner,” said Vinck.

The item, lost in 1942, belonged to Army soldier James L. Thompson. The veteran of three wars lost his dog tags during his training in the Arizona desert.

“I took a picture and called my friends right away,” said Vinck.

He then went on the internet to research Thompson and see if he could find him. The search would eventually lead him to a family friend that connected Vinck with Thompson’s granddaughter and then son.

“He didn’t know his father trained in Arizona,” said Vinck.

The two men spoke for a few minutes before Thompson hinted he would like the dog tags and even offered to pay.

“I told him 'I will just give it to you,'” said Vinck.

The tags were placed in the mail and sent to Bobby Thompson in North Carolina.

“It means everything to us,” said Thompson.

Vinck sent a few other items he found in the area to Thompson in hopes it would give him a link of sorts to his father’s past.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Vinck.

The desert hunter calls searching the desert with his metal detector an “obsession” that teaches him about the past, while keeping him excited him about the future.

Retired fisherman recovers lost treasure

After a day on the beach, your spouse looks at you and says, "I lost my wedding ring." She slumps over, realizing that her expensive, one-of-a-kind, 1-carat diamond is gone forever because the chance of finding that ring on a crowded beach in the sand is next to impossible. Who are you going to call?

Larry Royal, 65, of Arroyo Grande, a retired commercial fisherman and equipment operator who now hunts for lost treasure.

Seven years ago, Royal's wife died. After her loss and numerous surgeries, Royal couldn't move from his couch. His doctor told him unless he improved his health and got up, he was going to die. That's when he made the life-changing choice to dust off the metal detector and head to the beach.

Since then, the longtime resident has lost 100 pounds and continues to hunt Pismo Beach three hours a day, seven days a week, rain or shine. He also can be spotted at Avila and Shell beaches.

"I find coins, tent spikes, cans, watches, cameras, rings and other jewelry," he said.


Rare Viking coin from Lincoln found in field sold for £12,000

A single coin found buried in the dirt of a parsnip field turned out to be worth £12,000 at an auction.

The rare penny, which was probably minted in Lincoln during the time of Viking king Sihtric Caoch almost 1,100 years ago, has been called "the find of a lifetime" by experienced metal detectorist Richard Scothern.

The 45-year-old welder, from Pinxton, stumbled upon the coin in a field near Newark on Boxing Day last year


Piano gold hoard is 'life-changing' sovereign stockpile

A hoard of gold discovered hidden inside an old piano has been revealed to be a collection of sovereign coins.

The discovery was made in Shropshire before Christmas when the piano's new owners had it re-tuned and repaired.

The collection consists of an undisclosed number of full and half sovereigns, dating from 1847 to 1915.

Experts believe the coins may have been "deliberately hidden" and could yield a "life-changing" sum of money, with a full sovereign worth at least £220

More on this story and others from across Shropshire -


Nokta Impact

Only a few weeks to go now before the offical launch of the new Nokta Impact & by what is being shared by the BETA testers it is nothing but good news for detectorists worldwide -

This truly is a brilliant bit of kit which will make everything easy for the user -

Here is a quick rundown of what to expect -


Policeman sacked for keeping gold coin proceeds

A policeman who found £15,000 of gold coins with his metal detector has been sacked for cheating the landowner out of a share of the treasure.

PC David Cockle last month admitted theft and keeping the proceeds of the sale of coins found in a Norfolk field.

A misconduct hearing was told Cockle had agreed to a 50:50 split with the farmer of anything valuable he found.................


Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Two New releases for 2017 include what appears to be a high end VLF Gold detector from Minelab Gold Monster 1000 & another little gem from what I regard as a genuine US manufacturer, the Tesoro Mojave -


Tesoro Mojave

Early indications look like there may be a delay in some enthusiasts getting the latest unit from Tesoro as it looks like the sales have exceeded expectation with the first run almost sold out. It appears Tesoro have listened to their customers and looked also at the modifications that have been carried out on the Compadre (sensitivity control & coil plug) and implemented that into these new units.

More importantly we have two local dealers here in NZ for both Tesoro & Minelab so for more information and availability on these please contact your local dealer (see MD Support Page for more details)



While I was away

Nokta had brought out yet another top range metal detector, which is directed more towards the more dedicated relic hunter having their TDI targets as 0-20 as ferrous and 21-99 as non-ferrous. This is a change from previous FORS detectors which had 0-40 as ground/ferrous.

I will add very little regarding the Relic and how it performs as I do not like to kick on too much about gear I haven't had the pleasure to own. Needless to say I am more than happy to provide you with a couple of links to some expert opinion on the New Nokta Fors Relic Metal Detector.

Here are some reviews from two well respected legends in assessing metal detectors -

For more inquiries regarding the Fors Relic or any other Nokta/Makro ground imaging equipment, please check out the Nokta section on our Support page for your local Dealer - 


Well its almost halfway through 2016 & I have finally managed to get back into here to try to get some things updated. Whats been going on in the metal detecting world you may ask? Well there have been some more metal detectors come out on to the market, that's what. Let me briefly list those now and hopefully I can go on to comment on them as I catch up with this News section.

Righto, first off the bat -

Nokta have since released yet another powerful unit for the seasoned hunter, that being their New Nokta Fors Relic. Its been out for quite some time now and the initial reports coming in from both testers & field technicians has the Relic as another brilliant metal detector.

Makro also have released their Makro Racer2. Yeah, that's right, you asked for the changes and they have responded & let me tell you, from all accounts this metal detector is the cats meow. Check out Nokta NZ Aotearoa as I am sure Andrew will help put one of these great units, into your hands.

Garrett have also improved on their Garrett ACE Series with their New ACE 200 - 300 & 400 respectively. Some positive changes like the camlocks on the shafts, numbered target display indicator and in the ACE 400, iron audio. I can't actually wait to try one of these out. Well done Garrett for improving on an already very successful line of the ACE Series line of detectors.

I cant think of anything else at this stage regarding new units but if I do have a spark in my memory, I will add to this a little later but at least for now I think I have covered the latest.


Makro Gold Racer -

Its here - the much anticipated Makro Gold Racer has finally been released. The first thing that you will notice with this Gold Racer is the fact that it operates at 56khz and it will find the smallest of targets. Given how well their Racer stormed the US market with success earlier this year, I am sure the Gold Racer from Makro will yet be another great addition for your prospecting needs. If you are wanting a quality metal detector backed up by local & international support then upgrade to some of the best equipment on the market today.

The following is a review carried out by one of the best all round independent reviewers money cant buy ......

Mr Steve Herschbach

Another Review by Mr Keith Southern and posted on Mr Thomas Dankowski's website ...

The previously mentioned people have given so very much of their time to this hobby and have built quite a following of enthusiasts from all around the world. I have always found them to be honest and accurate when passing on information about any of the products they test and review and this has been duly noted by the manufacturers around the world who use these guys to carry out extensive tests on their items and implement any changes recommended to them......

They are what I term as -

'Legends in the Industry'


5,000 Saxon coins worth £1m

IT WAS a chance discovery which turned out to be the biggest hoard of historic coins found in modern times and could be worth more than £1m.

Armed with a metal detector Southampton man Paul Coleman, who almost didn't bother digging down, unearthed the unique cache of more than 5,000 Saxon coins.

Now that historic stash, which took more than five-and-a-half hours to dig up, has been officially declared a treasure trove.

The coins included a uniquely stamped coin made as a result of a mix-up at the mint and some which coincidentally had the finder's surname written on them.

No modern valuation has yet officially been placed on the coins but experts said that the hoard's contemporary worth was three times that of the manor where they were found.

Some experts estimated the hoard to be worth more than £1 million.

The coroner at the treasure trove inquest heard that Mr Coleman made the discovery on December 21 last year when he was out with fellow members of his metal detecting club the Weekend Wanderers.

Mr Coleman said: "I wasn't going to go but I was talked into it.

"When the detector started beeping, it felt like the size of a manhole cover and that's also what caused me to nearly not dig it up. Anything of that size is normally a manhole cover or a squashed bucket."


> Did you know?

The best nugget in Bruns' book has to do with Alexander Graham Bell's role in elevating Chester A. Arthur to the presidency. As you may recall, Arthur's predecessor, James Garfield, was shot but not immediately killed by the bullet fired at him on July 2, 1881, by "frustrated office seeker" Charles J. Guiteau. Doctors spent several days trying to figure out where the bullet had lodged. This was extremely difficult because the X-ray machine had not yet been invented. Basically, the doctors had to keep cutting Garfield open and poking around. Bell showed up at the White House with an experimental metal detector he'd devised with Simon Newcomb, another scientist, using sound-amplification technology adapted from the telephone. Bell had previously used it to find bullets lodged in the bodies of Civil War veterans and thought this noninvasive technique would work on Garfield, too. But when Bell tried to use the machine on Garfield, it didn't work because, unbeknownst to Bell, Garfield was lying on a coil-spring mattress (apparently still a novelty in 1881). The doctors cut Garfield open one more time, Garfield's heart gave out, and he died. Had Bell known that Garfield was lying on a newfangled mattress--or, alternatively, had Garfield not been pampered with such luxuriantly up-to-date bedding in the first place--Garfield might have served out his presidential term.


Nokta Impact - 2016

There was a sneak peek look at the upcoming Nokta Impact metal detector at the Trade show in Paris recently. Its still early in its development stage and is due to be launched next year. If these pictures are in indication of what to expect then I cant wait to get my hands on one -

Latest Release - Nokta FORS GOLD +

The best just got a whole lot better.....

We are proud to announce the new -


featuring -

  1. Advanced All Metal Mode (GEN)
  2. iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold)
  3. 2 Discrimination Modes (Fast & Boost)
  4. Dual LCD Display
  5. Digital Target ID
  6. ID Masking
  7. Ground Tracking
  8. Auto & Manual Ground Balance
  9. 5 Different Audio Frequencies
  10. Electronic Pinpointing & Depth Indicator
  11. Frequency Shift
  12. Built-in LED Flashlight
  13. Waterproof Search Coils
  14. Easy Use & Ergonomic Design
  15. Long Battery Life
  16. 10 Languages

Built on the famous FORS platform, the FORS Gold+ offers advanced gold prospecting capabilities. Operating at 19kHz frequency, the FORS Gold+ features a new advanced All Metal Mode with iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold) and 2 discrimination modes all designed for harsh ground conditions. The two included waterproof Double-D search coils make the FORS Gold+ the best choice for prospecting in rivers and streams as well.

Get one in time for summer


You wont be Disappointed


Garrett Pro-Pointer II

It appears Garrett has finally solved their durability issues once and for all when it comes to their original Garrett Pro Pointer. They have now released a second version which addresses some of the issues which they have increased both durability & sensitivity of the device. Hopefully now the extra attention Garrett have had on their plate can now be cleared with the release of their NEW Garrett Pro-Pointer II.

The Best VLF for Small Gold?

I am not sure if you have heard of the great Keith Southern when it comes to metal detecting. Both he and the legendary Thomas Dankowski thoroughly test, modify, advise etc not only to manufacturers, but also freely give up their findings and advice to fellow hunters. Then it's entirely up to us on how we use that knowledge into making a informed decision when it comes to getting the right metal detector.

The following is quoted from Mr Southern -

"Racer is more sensitive to smaller gold than the AT-GOLD..even the Gold Bug pro is not quite as hot on small gold as the Racer..

Funny the Racer is on 14Khz and the Multi purpose gold machines are on 18-19khz but they still are not quite as hot..

Hard to believe..

The CoRe is slightly hotter than the Racer..


Now just to be clear, both the Makro & Nokta out perform the AT Gold & the Fisher Gold Bug Pro when it comes to detecting small gold & guess what? You do NOT need to get another metal detector for the beach or coin and relic hunting. These Turkish units not only do it all but they do it in a manner that has the US manufacturers scratching their heads. The choice has never been easier. Technologically advanced design, coupled with the build quality the US was once renowned for, you get yourself one of the best *all-round VLF's on the market today.

deteknix Metal Detector -

Coming soon (2015) is deteknix first hand-held underground metal detector. After the release of their highly successful X-Pointer I cant wait to see what these NEW exciting units have to offer. Designed for ground and underwater search they will be lightweight & come with wireless headphones. This is all the information for the time being,

The 'Green' Machine - Teknetics T2

Fantastic to see this top of the range flagship re-introduced back on to the market at an affordable price - Contact you local dealer for more details...........

> Did you know?

The modern metal detector was first widely distributed in the 1960’s and was originally used by the military to find land mines.

Now it’s used in airports around the world for security purposes and anyone can purchase one to look for lost relics.

Here are some of the best finds in history:

In 1977, a California man found a 4.9 kg gold nugget with 132 pieces of gold inside of it. It was later known as The Mojave Nugget and is the largest piece of gold ever found.

In 1980, an English man was searching in an Irish bog and found a gigantic gold chalice studded with amber along with its accompanying tray and strainer, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

In 1989, an Australian man found a 12-inch long gold nugget shaped like a boot. They named it Boot Of Cortez after the famous Spanish explorer. It sold in an auction in 2008 for over $1.5 million, the Post Chronicle said.

In 2007, a father and son metal detecting team in England found an ancient Viking treasure trove of silver and gold worth over 750,000 pounds, the Daily Mail reports.

In 2007, a 78-year-old English man found a Roman coin used in 155 BC from the time where England was a Roman territory. It was truly the find of a lifetime, the local South Devon paper reported.

In 2008, an English man found an Anglo-Saxon 18 carat gold cross that experts say dates back to the 7th century, the UK Daily Telegraph reports.

In 2009, an English man found an ancient Anglo-Saxon collection of 1,500 pieces of gold and silver, CNN reports. Over 11 pounds of gold and 5.5 pounds of silver were found.

In 2009, a Scottish man went into a field and found a set of gold Iron Age necklaces worth over $2 million, UPI reports. The necklaces were amazingly in perfect condition

This past June, a Swiss gardener was tending to a lawn when he found 10 gold bars worth a total of $126,000, Huffington Post reported. He gets to keep the bars if it isn’t claimed within five years.

Also this past June, a 52-year-old historian was walking through St. Helens when he unearthed a bronze age axe head that dates back to 1800 BC, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Just last week, a 13-year-old New Mexico boy found a two-pound meteor in the ground that had been buried for 10,000 years, the LA Times says.

KTY Pulse Induction Metal Detector -

Recently released are these KTY Pulse Induction detectors. They will be priced around the $750 - $950 price range so could possibly be a cheap option for someone looking for a PI. As some of you already know if you are even just a little interested, feel free to contact me and I will put one of these in your hands at a unbeatable price - Also these are covered by my 12 month RTB warranty so there is no need to worry about having to send overseas for warranty issues.



What a Year

With a number of new metal detectors being released its fast becoming a confusing experience when it comes to choosing the right detector for your hunting needs.

The technology that has gone into some of these units are nothing short of amazing.

After Minelab's release of the Gold Monster 1000 it seems everyone has gotten into the swing of things and we have had all manner of quality, technologically advanced, feature packed gear hitting the shelves.

After Makro's release of their finely tuned Makro Racer2, Nokta followed up with the long anticipated Nokta IMPACT which appears to be living up to the solid reputation we have come to expect from Turkey. Garrett also launched their NEW Garrett AT MAX which by all accounts seems to be ticking the right boxes with the Garrett users.

I cant help but think that the slight delay in Garrett getting the MAX out hurt them as the marketing of the IMPACT had come into full swing when the delay occurred making a number of MAX buyers cancel their pre-orders over purchasing the IMPACT.

Never the less, either would enhance anyone's arsenal when it comes to metal detecting.

Unfortunately we here at earthSCAN have failed to mention the New Metal Detectors to come out of Quest Metal Detectors, previously known as deteknix. These guys made a huge impact in the industry with the release of their X-Pointer. When released it was quickly rubbished because of where it was made, China. However it went on to prove the reliability of the X-Pointer certainly outlasts the Garrett Pro Pointer and it offers a whole lot more for the money. The Quest line-up features the Quest Q20, Quest Q40 & the Quest Pro Metal Detectors. Also bear in mind that they have also extended their range of Pin-Pointers so virtually all needs are covered when it comes to treasure hunting.

Another quality manufacturer I feel I should mention is RUTUS Metal Detectors. Their flagship RUTUS Alter 71 looks to be an amazing piece of kit and from the positive feedback hitting the forums from trusted users of the Alter 71, you can bet there will be more to come from this relatively new addition to the world of detecting.

Now I am getting to that age where it takes a bit to get me excited (godsend really having a dodgy ticker lol), however the NEW gear to come out of Minelab looks to be hitting a home run by all accounts. Both the Equinox 600 Series & Equinox 800 Series are as close to metal detecting perfection as one could hope to have in a metal detector & I don't say that lightly. If there is a one detector does it all, then the Minelab EQ800 Series might be just the unit for you. BUT I am getting ahead of myself here as you will have to wait to early January 2018 to see if indeed it is as good as it gets, finding your chosen targets.

Minelab have also gone on to add two NEW additions to their Pin Pointing range with the Pro-Find 15 & the Pro-Find 35. Both waterproof, however the Pro-Find 35 has two different responses help you to identify ferrous junk from nonferrous treasure. This is an entirely new design and unique to Minelab Pointers. They are also rugged and waterproof backed up by a reputable manufacturer. I had to say that as my daughter is a Minelab nut :)

Recently First Texas rolled out the Fisher F75+ & the Teknetics T2+. Both very capable metal detectors which have lead the forefront of design and performance since the F75 & T2 were first introduced. This highlights the smarts behind First Texas and although these new releases are not the latest in mind boggling technology, they are still up there with the best of the rest which really does say something for longevity of those designs.

HOWEVER something new has come out of both Fisher and Teknetics are their NEW F-Pulse & Tek-Point Pin Pointers.

Built tough, water-proof and great depth. It will be interesting to see these go as I will be looking at getting one in to compare with the Pointers that I have used in the past.

Good times ahead.

Well this update is long overdue so I better get it posted. I hope you all do have a Great Christmas celebrating the togetherness of families & look forward to a brighter, healthier 2018.

Take care fellow Hunters -

Buyers Market

I don't know about you guys and girls but with all the recent releases of some brilliant metal detecting equipment these days & with promises of more to come, its easy to understand why the prices have somewhat declined in recent times.

We are now witnessing a bloated market & are spoiled for choice when it comes to parting out our cash on a NEW metal detector or accessory -

It wasn't all that long ago we only had one or two reliable Pin-pointers, however now we have a huge selection or reliable waterproof ones. All this in a very short time so its easy to see the speed this technology has progressed, even with the metal detectors themselves.

It has also been a great time to see how some of the manufacturers have progressed their lines of products and how some have just concentrated more on marketing their existing lines. It's certainly been an eye opener, as they say.

I am sure there will be interesting times ahead with whats recently released and whats coming up. They all excite me however there are a couple of true gems I cannot wait to try out, so i will have to try to juggle between those and a couple of Teknetics units I think really are really ideal for coin hunting in NZ conditions.

Stay tuned -

If you are looking at entering this hobby or simply thinking of upgrading detector, then check out our Support/Information Pages. They have some information on various metal detectors so you can simply contact your local dealer for which ever Brand/Manufacturer you choose to go with.

For us, it's not about selling you a metal detector, its more about providing YOU the INFORMATION so YOU can make an INFORMED decision when choosing your gear - It's that simple

Catching Up

I have finally managed to get a little time to update this section of the site. A lot has happened in the last few months to wet the appetite of the most addicted treasure hunters and detectorists alike.

The Garrett AT MAX is now on the market and it appears to be ticking all the right boxes.

We recently had Minelab announce the release of their new earth shattering Equinox at the recent Detectival Rally in the UK. By all account this new unit has many in the industry excited with a project release coming around December this year. Ive been good Santa - In fact this is the only unit I am breaking my very own rules on and I am going to make sure I get one of the first. I am sold on it.

Only recently TEKNETICS has released a new gadget for the hobbyist. The new Tek-Point Pin Pointer. It is rumored as having great depth but that all I have to go on for now. I will add a short video that shows this new device in all its glory in the News section.

I am sure there are quite a lot of other things to present however I better get these few things added up today and i will get some more News etc added in the next short while.

HH & Stay Safe

Fortuna M3 Metal Detector

Now this should keep the haters happy.

Here is a cheap unit out of Russia that appears to perform a lot better than some of the high end popular detectors & without the high end price tag. That there is enough for a few to simply brush off this detector as, sub-standard.

Now i have only looked into the Fortuna M series briefly and I believe that these detectors offer a whole lot more than a lot of other metal detector. For instance they are running NEL coils on them, they are multi-frequency & you can get a water-proof control housing cover for it, making it an All Terrain Metal Detector. Add to that, that they come with free international shipping, makes this an incredible deal if you are into testing out different gear. I will certainly be getting one in to try and pass on my findings, even though it may upset a few punters.

Watch this space -

Finally - we have our Logo

After a couple years of not having a logo my daughter decided to do something about it & shout me one for my Birthday next month. What makes this even more special is that it was put together by a person that I have looked up to for quite some time, so I am stoked to finally have something that means a great deal to me which represents our small business.

Thanks Baby Girl - You are such caring wonderful gift to me & your mom x

Personalizing your Pride & Joy

Camo Tape: I looked into this product a number of years ago as I was looking at trying to personalize my detectors & thought (at the time) this stuff looked cool. Its available in various camouflage color options as well as being very cost effective..

I also thought that what is the point of applying camo to your metal detector? Its not like you have to sneak up on your target or anything, however I think that its more to do with the old boys and their love for all things camo. Around the same time a couple of US manufacturers started releasing some of their products (metal detectors) in a camo finish.

That was enough to put me off the tape....

That was until a few days ago I was visiting an old mate of mine who happens to love online shopping. He was showing me a number of items he had purchased and then out popped this roll of camo tape. He said he had no idea why he bought it but it was cheap, so got it anyway.

He asked me if I had a use for it and I said for sure, I will have a play around with it & the rest is as it is.

I took it home and wrapped up my cheap mod project just to see what this stuff was like. Its very easy to apply as only took about 5 minutes to wrap the detector. It looks different but I can see it better than the black ( lol - defeats purpose of camo), with my bad eyes. Its pleasing to touch. No cold metal and quite grippy, so those of you who use 'bitch mittens' will not get cold hands if you forget your gloves.

The Pro's - Although its not my intention to cover everything in 'camo' this product does have other advantages which are more beneficial for me and its application. Because I go through quite a few metal detectors reviewing/testing this tape provides extra protection to the equipment from knocks and scratches. Its easy to apply and remove for washing. It provides more stability for the shafts with no cam-locks &

I prefer the texture as opposed to the metal finish. From what I can see it will NOT leave a sticky residue on your equipment. I think its waterproof too.

The Con's - I can't think of any at the moment, however if it all turns to custard when I unwrap wash and re-apply I will keep you posted.

I hope this helps you in providing some protection to your gear

NEW - Garrett AT MAX

Finally something for the Garrett fans to get excited over. Not much to see in earth shattering new features, however it appears that this detector has a fair bit going for it over the AT Pro & AT Gold -

It will be good no doubt to get the early feedback on how it performs in the field -


Teknetics comes to NZ

We here at earthSCAN are happy to announce that we are now the NZ Dealer for the impressive range of Teknetics Metal Detectors & Accessories -

If you are looking for some of the best of what the USA has to offer then contact us & we will be more than happy to assist you in getting one of these fine units into your hands -

Please feel free to browse their extensive range of products & if you require further information please contact us at any time -


Congratulations Nokta

Not only are we seeing something special with their latest release 'Nokta IMPACT', but we have witnessed first hand how they have excelled in this industry where others feared to go - Customer satisfaction & feedback has no doubt helped Nokta to be able to release their fine line-up of metal detectors -

Their 'FORS' range of detectors are simply amazing and they appear to have the ability to hunt virtually all terrains effectively -

I have used the FORS CoRe and briefly the FORS Relic and although they look familiar, I find they are quite different units -

The IMPACT however can only be described as perfection in my eyes - It ticks all the boxes & the company ticks all the boxes as they allow detectorists from all around the world to have their input when designing their products -

This alone, makes me want to invest my hard earned cash with them as they do care about us, the user well after they get their money -

Congratulations to both Nokta/Makro for your ongoing support & your fantastic range of quality products -

World class without a doubt -

CORS Labs Coils

If you are looking to upgrade your factory coil or simply looking at purchasing additional coils for your metal detector then you cant go wrong using the CORS comprehensive range of coils -

Proven to be amongst the best worldwide, these coils will give you the added depth & sensitivity to sniff out the smallest of treasures -

If you are interested and wanting to know more please click on the link provided -


New AmeriTEK Metal Detectors

Good things come to those who wait. Yes First Texas are about to release three new metal detectors to come out of the Teknetics stable -




For discounted prices on Teknetics metal detectors & shipping, feel free to click on the following link for coupon codes & more information -



Ian Marshall Southland District Council

Thanks to Ian Marshall and the Southland District Council, Metal Detecting in the deep south has now reached unprecedented levels. Metal detecting in Southland has become a popular pastime with more retailers selling associated equipment to those who are starting out in the hobby to those experienced seasoned hunters.

Its also great to see Mr Marshall has also identified the need for the services of these people when it comes to making our recreational areas a safer place to enjoy by removing the dangerous items left behind.

If it had not been for the dogged determination of Mr Marshall regarding Metal Detecting in the South I am sure this rewarding hobby would not be where it is today. You sir, deserve a patch on your back. Well done and I look forward to catching up with you very soon.

NEW Xventure Metal Detector

Whites latest release is their new Xventure Metal Detector designed for the young market and very competitively priced.

What has me more surprised is that Whites are getting these made in China. Could this be a taste of things to come or has Whites been using Chinese manufacturing for their already impressive array of metal detectors?

With Whites now aligning themselves with the likes of Garrett, Fisher, Bounty Hunter & Teknetics who also manufacture some, part or all of their models in China you have to wonder how long this been going on for and how much doing this has contributed to the copies, fakes & re-branded metal detectors we currently see on the market today? Anyone's guess I suppose but considering the way the above companies promote their products as being made in the USA, it does leave you wondering.

One thing I know for sure is that when Minelab started manufacturing some of their product line in Malaysia, they were upfront and informed the public of this. No mysteries & certainly no misleading of the public, however the same cannot be said regarding the fore mentioned US companies.

Ironically, it also appears to be the very same people who rubbish Chinese made products who at the end of the day go running to China to get their products made.

All I know from what I have researched is this. If you purchase a product which has Made in the USA stamped all over it you are going to pay four to five times more than if you got the same item from China direct.

Of course a lot of due diligence is required when doing this however if you are capable of looking outside of the box, you might just score a bargain.

If its good enough for companies to use China for manufacturing then its good enough for customers to buy from China direct.

All in all it will be great to see how reliable the Xventure Metal Detector will be.

Whites MX Sport

As some of you may be aware, Whites released their MX Sport earlier this year with initial mixed reviews. Their promotional videos had this new detector as being a giant killer when it comes to competition and even stating that it will surpass their very own flagship units. It was hard to know what to expect with this unit as there was very little mentioned prior to its release so it makes you kind of wonder, who carried out the Beta testing on the MXS and who were the initial field testers who gave so much praise with their initial findings.

Right from the outset the MXS was plagued with software issues which required the new owners to package up their MXS and return to Whites to have the software upgraded. This I believe has eventuated in 3 or so software updates to try to rectify problems, Just when we thought they were getting on top of that the screens were cracking due to the unsuitable plastic. All the time while this was going on there was very little from Whites regarding the MXS and in fact I followed this entire debacle closely and I am still to this day astounded as to how Whites management managed to escalate this situation more by not communicating with their customers.

All I can say is if you are looking at getting the new Whites MXS then make sure they have the issues sorted and you have a great after sales service person looking after you. The problem with Whites is that their MXS will eventually be fixed however I feel with their current management in place there is not much hope for Whites -

However in saying all of that if the MXS did indeed perform to what we were told to expect I am sure it certainly will be a fantastic addition to any arsenal -

If you did not know already

Metal Detecting in NZ in public places is NOT a crime UNLESS you cause DAMAGE.

Now that is the key my fellow hunters. Do not feel intimidated or threatened when approached by council or their representatives, You are providing a service to your community by making their recreational area's a safer place to enjoy. The Police are on the side of the law and the law is on your side just as long as you have perfected your target recoveries. You are cleaning the environment whether you are a 'greenie' or not. That is in itself is commendable as its your own time and money that you put into this service. You also find lost valuables for people in the community and more importantly, save New Zealand's History. All of these things alone are services to our communities.

For those of you starting out in this rewarding hobby my suggestion for you is to find a experienced hunter (we can help put you in touch) in your area to teach you the art of recovery. Once you have mastered that there is nothing they can do to stop you from enjoying this wonderful pastime.

How can you safeguard yourself?

Take a camera - Photograph and record any official that approaches you. In my 6 years of metal detecting I have never had one single complaint from the public. They can see the good we all do. Also take pictures of ALL the rubbish that you remove each time you hunt. Although it may not seem important as we only want to keep the good stuff. But by keeping a record of the bad stuff certainly gives justification to this hobby and why we do it. I am sure those safeguards will not cause any extra work for you all as many of you do carry camera's cellphones out in the field.


Stealth Diggers

What can I say about Stealth Diggers asides from that they 'freakin rock' - As usual when it comes to anything new I was one of the last to know about these guys but was totally amazed after watching a couple of episodes on the tube of Stealth Diggers -

Honestly guys, its like porn for the true metal detecting enthusiast's and its pretty entertaining to boot - If you have some down time when you simply cannot get out for a hunt, lock on to these guys as they give you so much in return - Interesting hunting, relics, hard case people and its all put together in a 'downright friendly manner' -

Check them out for yourself on -


How would you feel?

Now with all the speculation as to counterfeits, copies, fakes or what ever else they go by, how would you feel if you found out that that very expensive metal detector you are swinging was made in that region of the world many despise? .... China

Its only been in the last few years a large US manufacturer has come clean about them using a Chinese manufacturer to make a couple of their best selling units. Now it was also mentioned by their head engineer that those units are made to their exact specifications, meaning, they are well made & perform as they should.

Another point to note is that the production costs of those two metal detectors are a lot lower compared to manufacturing the same, in the good 'ol' USA. Meaning, bigger profits & that's what corporations are about = PROFITS

This then leads us to question why this big US corporation stopped at just two of their vast array of products? It appears China can handle quantity & build them to the US corporations specifications, so if this is indeed the case then why would you just stop at the two models?

It just doesn't make corporate sense knowing that you could reduce production costs greatly and still end up with a well made product at the end of the day. A gleering example of this is the Teknetics T2 - Viking - GF2. Could it be that these guys are trying to hide something from their patriotic customers?

Personally I have my own opinion based on years of research into the manufacturing of a certain brand and have drawn my own conclusions. I personally would hate to sell a product to one of my customers not knowing where the product was actually made.

We all know ourselves that even our NZ companies we have grown up with (F&P for instance) had to close its doors here in NZ and go to Asia just to keep in the game so to speak. This is common for MOST corporations and manufacturers around the world, yet the consumer (you & me) seem to believe that everything that is made in China is absolute crap. If that was indeed true, do you think these corporations would get their big brand name products made there?

Have a quick look at these US Corporations who are getting their goods made in China -

>>>>>>>>>>> The List

Now that is only 1% - So for those of you who dislike Chinese manufacturing and like to spend 3 or 4 times the price for your equipment, then carry on living under the illusion of owning something made where its not. I on the other hand choose to go to the manufacturers directly.

Another point to note is this - If someone takes a product to China to get made, then all of a sudden there are copies & fakes of that product, whose fault is it? Big Bad China or the Money Hungry Westerner?

In recent times we have seen fake/copied Minelabs - Fisher - Teknetics - Garrett - Whites - Do these companies get some or all of their products made in Asia?

Anyone's guess I suppose but since I have been involved in metal detecting I just cant help but chuckle at the local metal detecting experts who blow Chinese gear off as, 'substandard' to put it politely.

The Chinese will make products to the exact specifications they are given and they do make quality gear. You only have to look at how well deteknix has done with their X-Pointer and I am sure their NEW Quest line of metal detectors will also be popular.

Brand Loyal or Not?

As I have progressed through this hobby I have always been amused by those hobbyists that pitch their favorite brand against their mates or other hobbyists gear. What I have found that in little old New Zealand anyway, is that this competitive rivalry is somewhat similar to the old Chev vs Ford days. Its all a bit of fun and adds to the enjoyment of the hobby through internet posts & ultimately organized get together's so some enthusiasts can put their claims to the test.

However in the USA this type of rivalry can be very destructive to the hobby itself. I mean some of those guys have been detecting 30+ years and have only used gear from one manufacturer. Now like me, if someone has that many years experience in metal detecting you tend to sit up and listen to these people for obvious reasons. However don't get overawed by them as they will help you with your metal detecting, however they do lack 'hands on experience' when it comes to using equipment outside their scope. Now that's not saying that they don't have an opinion on it as most of the old hands do. But if you are after impartial advice when it comes to choosing a metal detector then seek out those who use or have used what you are looking at purchasing.

The Brand Loyalty is so ingrained into some of their thinking that when a NEW and exciting product comes along they tend to spread hype as to how bad this new product is. That is of course without them using it or even having the intention of using it as they view NEW and exciting technology as a direct threat to the very own product they have shown loyalty to over the years.

You only have to look at the recent release of the Makro Racer in the USA to see this in action. Right from the outset this detector was attacked and had all manner of misinformation spread about it. Luckily for me I was fortunate enough to carry out tests on the Racer before it was released into the USA and was amazed at the amount of hate posts this company had endured. All for what?

Making a product others feel threatened by or giving treasure hunters around the world another fantastic tool to help you find what you are looking for.

As for me, am I brand loyal? - H3ll yes

I love ...... Fisher - Garrett - Minelab - Nokta - Teknetics - Makro - Bounty Hunter - Tesoro - deteknix - GoldFinder - XP Deus & the many others I haven't tried yet -

Metal Detector Comparisons

Arena Detector has conducted three test videos of which I would like to share with you -

The first shows just how well the Makro Waterproof Pointer is made & is put to the ultimate impact test -

Makro Pointer Drop Test

The next is a test conducted using various Coin/Relic Metal Detectors - Go to near the end if you just want to see the results -

Coin/Relic Metal Detector Comparison

The next is a test conducted using various Gold Metal Detectors - Again, go to near the end if you just want to see the results -

Gold Metal Detector Comparison

Make of the test results what you will.

I found it interesting to see a couple of the units that are highly rated amongst the New Zealand hunters to be not performing as well as one would have expected. I suppose to some, its not about depth or sensitivity when it comes to metal detecting. Its more about the brand name & where it was made before they take any interest.....

Still its not all bad I suppose - :)

Could it be a New Garrett?

Who knows if all this latest speculation on the launch of a new Garrett metal detector is true or not but all I can say is...... its about time -

There has not been too much to shout about out of the US camp for a while however if the rumors are true then hopefully Garrett has not only improved on their waterproof platform, but also improved it enough to at least keep up with those Turkish units.

Now don't get me wrong - I loved my AT Pro when I had one and I swore black & blue that they are the best ALL round unit for NZ but that was before I went on to try Minelabs Makro's & Nokta's - I know for sure the AT series wont keep up, however depth is not everything when you have a fully waterproof metal detector now is it?

Unfortunately the above was looked into by Garrett USA and it was found to be a joke put out by a member of the public - oh well...I suppose we will just have to carry on waiting...

What makes a great detector even better?

[email protected]

Aftermarket coils can certainly improve the overall performance of most metal detectors. [email protected] Coils are no exception. They are manufactured in the Ukraine and offer coils for all the top brand units and have recently announced that they make coils for the latest Fisher - Makro - Nokta metal detectors.

More >>>>>>>>>


Detectors Detectors & More Detectors

With so many to choose from, which one should I get?

Choosing the right detector can be a confusing process, especially if you are buying from someone who knows little about the hobby. You first have to work out what type of hunting you wish to do i.e. beach/water hunting - coin/relic hunting or simply gold prospecting & then after researching and asking questions (metal detecting forums are a good place) get a metal detector that fits your needs & budget. You also need to remember that you will need associated equipment to make your recoveries acceptable to the authorities, so allow for the likes of a good retrieval tool like a 'Lesche' & a Pointer.

What Brand do I get?

What I have learn't about this hobby is that I like to get the complete package when it comes to all things detecting. Not only do I want a well made & well thought out product, but I want it from a company that values their customers and NOT see them as problem when it comes to resolving issues. Customer service in my book goes a long way and I have experienced a mixed bag of service from the big US manufacturers. Not only that, but the same well known brands have made it a lot harder to access their equipment now that you cannot purchase their items from the US direct. Not a good business move as the Chinese and other countries happily ship their products worldwide with exceptional after sales support.

Make sure when you do decide to purchase that you know you will be looked after by their customer support if needed.

Recommended Brands

There are good and bad detectors however if you stick with with some of the following brands you should get not only the right detector for your money but also receive good after sales service -



Bounty Hunter





XP Deus



I am sure there are others however the above brands offer a variety of gear to suit virtually all hunting requirements and have been around for quite some time....

Teknetics T2 - Viking - GoldFinder2

Love them or hate them is a matter of opinion, however one must look into things as much as they possibly can to draw their own conclusions as to the legalities of the three overly similar metal detectors. I am convinced that ALL three brands are indeed legal and operate very similar to each other with the Viking taking a slight advantage in depth due to it being fitted out with an MD Mars Coil. Whichever one you choose to go with, I am sure you will enjoy the versatility of swinging a detector that was designed by a legend in the industry -

Pointers -

I have in the past owned and used the following Pointers & offer some bullet points on the -

Pros & Cons -

Fisher F Pointer

(free with detector - you get what you pay for)

Garrett Pro Pointer

(Wow - You wont want leave home without it - It is prone to durability issues)

deteknix X-Pointer

(Wow x 2 - Price, Performance & Value for Money - I am yet to find one but some dislike the fact that its Made in China) -

Vulcan 360

(It works as it should - I did not like the shape or the way it operated. I also did not like the fact that you have to undue very small screw in order to replace battery)

Makro Pointer

(Waterproof - Sensitive to small Gold - Super Tough - Award winning Design - Numerous Features - Loaded with Extras - Belt Holster could do with some modifications).

Nokta Pointer

(Same Pros as the Makro however I like being able to have the added options with the Nokta - also the same in regards to the Holster).

I currently own & operate the X-Pointer & Nokta and have not had any issues what so ever with either. My advice is that if you are going bush and playing around the creeks, pay that little bit extra for the Makro/Nokta as they will handle the knocks of bouncing off rocks a whole lot better, however with that said I love my X-Pointer as well -



Makro CF77 Metal Detector

The CF77 is the first hobbyist metal detector put out by Makro in Turkey. This particular unit gave many clues to those who have used the CF77 to what to expect to come from this innovative company. As they say, the rest is history.

The CF77 is in my opinion a brilliant no frills unit which is solidly made, easy to use and comes with what I believe to be unmatched international support.

For more on the CF77 check out our review & product specs below.


Famous Trails MD-1023 Metal Detector

For quite some time now I have been wanting to try one of these fantastic little metal detectors. Made in China & it is known by quite a few different names however the key to identifying this unit is the accompanying number referring to this particular model (1023)

After testing and taking it out on a hunt I can confirm that this detector certainly preforms better than my expectations and I will certainly be holding on to this little metal detector. Its just so simple to use with the ability to easily toggle between All Metal/Discrimination/Two Tone on the fly.

This makes for not only finding potential targets easy, but giving you a couple of options in determining whether your targets are good or bad.

Overall, I am impressed with the MD1023 as it certainly does have a couple advantages over the much more fancied and priced US brands -


GoldFinder2 Metal Detector

Finally after our demo GF2 has been doing the rounds amongst enthusiasts here in NZ we have finally received some feedback from a honest hunter regarding the GF2's performance for a low cost unit. It is apparent it had most of the so-called experts in the mainland lost for words as no feedback was forthcoming from the South Island. Still, no feedback is good feedback as far as I am concerned as I am well aware that in this industry, it does not take much to get one miffed so not hearing about any quirks or problems re-enforces just how well the GF2 has been made. It certainly offers a lot of detector for a small price and offers a lot of options for a low - mid range metal detector. In my opinion, there is very little that will compare to the GF2 at its price point and the fact that it comes with a quality set of GF2 UR30's also highlights true value for money.


Minelab Go Find 40 Metal Detector

This is the latest unit I have managed tear away from my daughter Jasmine in an effort to see something totally new from Minelab. The first thing that took me by surprise was the price. I mean come on, a Minelab for next to nothing, whats the catch. I was a little apprehensive in getting one of these in as I believed that the Go Find Series was probably more suited to the very young or the fly by night hunters (here today gone tomorrow). I could not have been further off the mark even if I intentionally tried. When I first took it out of the box I was surprised at the compact size of it. Easy to stow into a day pack I thought. After extending it out and setting it up to my height (6ft) I found it to be quite sturdy and not as flimsy as I had initially anticipated, That in itself should alert people to never make a final conclusion on something until they have actually handled one. I loved the layout of the controls which of course keeps it simple for anyone to use. The fact that you can run it through your smartphone via Bluetooth is an added bonus. As is the 10" coil, back-light and pinpoint mode. If you are looking for a metal detector to throw with your beach/picnic gear when venturing out with the family then the Go Finds will certainly be capable of finding treasures the more expensive units do.


Teknetics G2 Metal Detector

This is yet another fine example to come out of the Teknetics stable. I just love the way everything feels so tight when assembling the G2. Although virtually the same as the Fisher Gold Bug Pro in performance, I find this particular platform its based on to be much better for my style of hunting. The black and silver shafts look pleasing to the eye and the control housing in the black and gold makes for a good frame around a large easy to see VDI. The controls are easy accessible with either a push of a button or a light roll of your thumb making it easy to make adjustments on the fly. Although designed primarily as a Gold detector some hunters have managed to master the GB/G2 when it comes to coin hunting. Unfortunately, I am not one of those as I do usually end up with a good share of bottle tops & other high conductors which of course is no fault of the detector but more the inexperience of the user. I am sure if you are looking for a good gold, relic or coin unit then the G2 is a worthy contender.


Tesoro Silver Sabre Plus Metal Detector

Although I did not keep this unit for that long it did in fact prove one thing to me that had me quite surprised. For quite an old metal detector it certainly did not lag behind the likes of the Fisher F2 - Teknetics Delta 4000 when it came to depth and sensitivity. It is well made being the first all metal detector I have ever owned. You could tell it was built with quality components but not only that, you can also understand why Tesoro have lifetime warranties on their equipment. They are indeed built tough and so a great job even by today's standard. Of course these are now fast becoming rare and are hard to find. If you do however manage to find on in your grandads garage or up in the loft, don't automatically think its an old junker. It could just be the first of your treasure on your way to much more .........


Nokta FORS CoRe Metal Detector

The Nokta FORS CoRe is easily the best single frequency VLF I have used to date. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to ergonomics, build quality & performance in the field. I have conducted a quite an in depth review on this metal detector so once I work out how to put it up, I will just have to provide you with what others have to say about the power of the Nokta FORS CoRe -



Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector

One of Bounty Hunters flagships a few years ago and disappointingly I never really spent the time to fully understand the capabilities of this particular model. In fact the only reason that I had ended up with the Land Star was the I was actually wanting the accessories that were being sold with it -

As with a lot of Bounty Hunter metal detectors both here and abroad, they seem to be a underestimated metal detector due to its pricing when compared to their competitors -

I do know however if you put the time in on this detector it will finds targets just like the more expensive units on the market today......


Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Possibly one of the most popular metal detectors for many enthusiasts here in New Zealand. Being fully waterproof makes this an ideal all round unit for hunting in adverse weather conditions as well as hunting streams and lakes without the fear of dropping it into the water. The build quality is what you would expect from Garrett and its though they had NZ in mind when they decided on the colour of black & silver. It kinda feels you have got an All Black with you on your hunts lol. I would like to say that it ticked all my boxes and it kinda did. It was just my disability (eyesight) that had me looking for an upgrade due to the size of the VDI, but I always promised myself I would get another and I eventually will. If you are after a great all weather metal detector I think you would struggle to find a better alternative & to see how well they perform in our beautiful country you only have to look as far as our forums to see the many happy Garrett AT Pro users.


Minelab Musketeer Advantage MD

Those of you who have researched metal detectors or have been in the hobby for quite some time will know just how well the Minelab Musketeer performs. Its still touted as one of the best single frequency beep & dig units for around the last 20yrs. I have owned many of the modern day plastic fantastic's with all manner of information relayed to the user however if you grew up in an era where you were told to listen then you will find the Musketeer easy to use. It is one deep metal detector which is also sensitive to small targets and swings well if you happen to own a US pro package as the control housing is mounted on a straight shaft and under the arm. The new Nokta FORS CoRe is the only other detector I have owned that swings as nicely as the Minelab Musketeer Advantage. If you are fortunate enough to stumble across an old Musketeer then don't hesitate in grabbing it as they are fast becoming hard to get, yet still keep up with the much more expensive up to date metal detectors.


Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 MD

If you are looking for an entry level detector but need a manual ground balance then the Discovery 3300 is the detector for you. It detects very well for an entry level unit at salt water beaches as you can detect right up to the waterline without too much interference. First Texas are responsible for the build so you know you are getting a solid piece of equipment. For an entry level unit it certainly has many features the more expensive metal detectors posses. If you are on the market for a relatively cheap detector with GB then consider the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300.


Makro Racer Metal Detector

This was one metal detector I had been waiting to get my hands on ever since I started following Makro many years ago & the Racer did not disappoint. A well built metal detector with the latest in ergonomic design makes using it a breeze. Easily one of the best all round VLF's on the market today which will compete against some of the more well known brands. It comes with many features which shows that the Makro Racer has indeed been made by people who care about their customers. Vibrating handles for night hunting or those with hearing impairments through to the LED light shows a lot of thought has gone not only into the performance of the metal detector, but those little extra's that make hunting that little bit easier.

It will perform with the best of them on a salt water beach, park hunting, relic hunting or gold prospecting.

If you are only looking for a one does it all unit, then the Makro Racer is a fine choice. 


Garrett Ace150 Metal Detector

Still one of the best fun detectors I have had the pleasure to own. Again, don't let the fact that this is a entry level unit confuse you. I can assure you the Ace150 is as deep as they come. I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it performed. I ended up getting an extra coil for this (9 x 11" Concentric) from memory which certainly increased the depth of the Ace150 & like many of the units I have tested, I was actually sorry to see it go.

If you are just starting out in the hobby, then the Garrett Ace150 Metal detector is a solid choice.


Minelab Safari Metal Detector

While most of the guys that started metal detecting around the same time had moved on and up to their respected brand flagships, I had managed to progress through the various starter & intermediate units to finally getting my hands on a Safari. It was my first opportunity to see what all this fuss was about with these higher end detectors. I managed to get mine from the owner of Big Boys Hobbies in the US as it was his personal detector. He had actually found a $10,000 ring with it not long before he sold it to me. My first hunt was out at the beach. I turned it on then all of a sudden it stopped becoming an enjoying hobby and more like a scene out of CSI. I was thinking that this detector knows more about what its doing than I did so I just let her loose. Ironically that wickedly good Safari found me a small silver ring in the sand that day so I know when it comes to beach detecting, its hard to beat a BBS metal detector -


Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

I have been fortunate enough to have owned two of the Delta's at different times during my time metal detecting. What you will notice first with the Delta is the weight. The lack of, that is - its simply a super lightweight coin magnet which operate in both discriminate and all metal modes. It is a great introductory machine which has the ability to find targets in trashy areas and find them deep to boot.

One important thing to note when dealing with any First Texas brands and this is no exception. There are 3 versions of the Teknetics Delta 4000 & none of which really improve on the actual performance of the machine. The changes are mostly around the headphone jack being added then taken away and the coils change from a 'Push On" to a 'Screw On' which is something you would want to know if you were building up an arsenal of coils for your metal detector -

I have no idea why First Texas utilize a marketing strategy that simply confuses their customers however their metal detectors do command respect as do their design engineers


XP Deus Metal Detector

These are yet another fantastic unit when it comes to some of the best gear for metal detecting. I have one for definite on my wish list as it has some of the features I like when it comes to detecting. Fully wireless, lightweight yet packs enough punch to not only keep up with the big brands flagships, but to surpass them in many different environments.


Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

Now being a firm believer that one should not try to offer advice on a metal detector they themselves had not used I am now bordering on the ultimate hypocrisy of them all by offering a review on a metal detector that I have not used. I am however basing my findings for the original T2 from my dealings with the manufacturer of the GF2 and the subsequent GoldFinder2's I have tested and owned. I also understand the hate for many things Chinese, especially in this industry but I love metal detectors. All metal detectors, from all around the world. I love to test them & pick holes in them, I love to use them so I have a right to share as much information about that product as I can to those of you are busting your nuts in the field. I have always prided myself on standing behind what I sell or say so it is important for me to remain as impartial as I possibly can so if I think there is a better tool for the job that I don't have - I will get it or tell you where you can get it from.

Now with all that said it on to the reviews -


Fisher F44 Metal Detector (fully weatherproof)

This is certainly a great choice of metal detector if you are not looking to spend a lot of money on your equipment. They are a great option for New Zealand hunters to safely hunt in various weather conditions. I like the fact that there are a multitude of coils that will work on the F44 and the VDI is easily readable compared to the likes of the Garrett AT series. It's bound to retain Fishers ability to make a lightweight design, which gives great depth and sensitivity, coupled with it having super fast response to targets.

For the record - I have not owned one of these F44's or tested one. I have tried to get the Dealer to pass on information and even asked a couple of F44 owners however it appears that they are either that good, no-one wants to talk about them or they are not that great, which again, no-one wants to talk about.


Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

Don't let the price fool you. The Tesoro Compadre is a unique metal detector with the uncanny ability to find micro gold the more expensive machines just pass over. An ideal starter unit but it also has a spot in a seasoned detectorists arsenal. Personally I have found the Compadre to be an invaluable detector because it has the ability to get into small tight spots with the stock small coil.

Like all Tesoro Metal detectors the Compadre comes with a lifetime warranty so you know you are getting quality right from the very start. Easily one of the best introductory units on the market today.


Fisher F2 Metal Detector

What can I say about this wonderful entry level detector that hasn't already been said? I like so many started out with a F2 and really got to know it in a short time. Learning how to use it was fun & in no time at all I thought I had outgrown this metal detector. Don't make that mistake. I am on the second F2 albeit its permanently lent out but I wanted to get another one as I had realized I had made a mistake in upgrading from it too soon. In my opinion it had good depth and sensitivity. I loved the big VDI and having the numbered TDI had set me up for all manner of metal detectors. If you are looking at starting out you cant go wrong with starting the mighty Fisher F2.