Metal Detecting


MD-6250 Metal Detector

This MD-6250 underground metal detector, the upgraded MD-6150, is a kind of professional detecting equipment.

It is easy to carry and operate.

It can scan the metal objects easily and quickly, which can help professionals a lot when they do the research.

And it is won't make mistake and fake alert.

The MD-6250 is designed with exclusive Graphic Target ID technology to distinct the metal objects.

It can select the type of metals in gold, silver, iron and so on.

You also have color green and yellow to choose.


•    Graphic Target ID Cursor (12 Segments).

•    Discrimination: Accept/Reject Notch.

•    Electronic Pinpointing.

•    Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment.

•    Battery Condition Indicator.

•    Coin Depth Indicator.

•   Headphone Jack.

•    Large Advanced LCD Display.

•    Microprocessor Controlled.

•    Push Button Controls.

•    Clear Speaker Tone.

•    Tone ID, 3 levels with Coin Alert.

•    Touch-n-Go Operation.

•     Search Modes: All Metal, Jewelry, Custom, Relics, Coins.


•    Weight:~1.75KG

•    Frequency: 6.5Khz

•    Power supply : 4pcs 1.5V battery(not including)

•    Sensitivity: >25cm (for a US quarter)

•    operation modes:all metal,Zero,Jewelry,Coins

•    Coil: 6.5 x 9 inch Proformance submersible searchcoil

•    Audio:Clear Speaker Tone

•   Detected indication:Large LCD screen

•    Battery Condition Indicator:yes

•    Distinguish: ferrous and non-ferrous

Package Includes

1 x MD-6250 Detector

1 x Screen Pouch

1 x Operation Manual

MD-6250 Control Panel

MD-6250 Assembly




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