Metal Detecting


MD-6150 Metal Detector

This series of detectors includes patented discrimination feature. This technology, found only on our detectors, features

two indicator scales that allow the user to see the detector’s discrimination setting (Lower Scale) as well as the analysis

of each detected target (Upper Scale). They also include the highly acclaimed "6.5x9" PROformance searchcoil.

This highly rugged, epoxy-filled searchcoil covers more ground per scan and offers greater depth to find those deeply buried treasures.


Mode - Indicates which of the three detection modes is selected by highlighting the corresponding word on the LCD screen.

Target ID Legend - A printed Target ID Legend is located directly above the LCD screen and indicates commonly found

targets and metals. When a target is detected, the Target ID cursor will appear below the word that most likely indicates

the type of target found, based on its conductivity.

Upper Scale - The Upper Scale, where the Target ID cursor is illuminated when a target is detected, consists of five (5)

graphical segments.Target ID Cursor - The Target ID cursor is illuminated in the Upper Scale and indicates the probable

identity of a detected target.Lower Scale - The lower horizontal scale, or Notch Discrimination Scale, indicates the

discrimination pattern where the detector will or will not produce an audible signal when a target is located. This scale

changes when switching between Detection Modes.

Coin Depth - The depth of a coin, or similar sized target, will be shown on the LCD screen.

Depth is indicated when the LCD scale is illuminated at “2”, “4” or 6+ inches.

Tone ID - The Tone ID feature produces distinct audible tones based on a target’s conductivity.


•     Weight:~1.75KG

•    Frequency: 6.5Khz

•    Power supply : 4pcs 1.5V battery(not including)

•    Sensitivity: >25cm (for a US quarter)

•    operation modes:all metal,Zero,Jewelry,Coins

•    Coil: 6.5 x 9 inch Proformance submersible searchcoil

•    Audio:Clear Speaker Tone

•    Detected indication:Large LCD screen

•    Battery Condition Indicator:yes

•    Distinguish: ferrous and non-ferrous

Package Includes

1 x MD-6150 Detector

1 x Screen Pouch

1 x Operation Manual

MD-6150 Control Panel

MD-6150 Assembly




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