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Headhunter Underwater

 Headhunter Underwater Metal Detector

Introducing our NEW Headhunter UNDERWATER

Three-knobs, turn-on and go simplicity, electronics inside the integral waterproof headphones. Rugged simple, yet powerful.

Why Buy Our NEW Headhunter UNDERWATER?

Adjustable lightweight design is perfect for the most demanding water & land hunter. The entire detector is waterproof up to 70 feet.

Beach, wading and submerged…UNDERWATER TM does it all. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Whether sailing the high seas

or driving to your favorite spot, the Headhunter UNDERWATER TM stores almost anywhere making it the perfect traveling detector!


•    Operating Search Frequency: 2.4 Khz

•    Search coil: 8″ Concentric, Co-Planar, RF Shielded

•    Audio Frequency: 400Hz

•    Headphone Transducer: Piezo Electric

•    Search Mode: Silent search, Slow Motion Discrimination

•    Operating Environments: Salt water, Fresh water, Land

•    Submersible: Waterproof to 70 ft.

•    Length: Diving Configuration: 27 to 53″/ Wading Configuration: 43 to 53″

•    Weight w/Integral Battery: 3.5 lbs.

•    Battery: Lithium Ion Rechargeable

•    Battery Life: up to 40+ hours

•     Warranty: 2 years

Standard Package

•    Headhunter Underwater Metal Detector

•    Instruction Manual

•    Wall Plug Battery Charger

•    Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Headhunter Underwater Control Panel

Headhunter Underwater




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