Metal Detecting

GP Pointer II

GP Pointer II

GP Pointer II is unlike any other pinpointer on the market. Using the circuit inside the GP Pointer II housing.

The GP Pointer II has excellent proportional response, delectable beeper / vibrator, more robust LED light,

lanyard loops, longer time battery operation, and a weatherproof housing with depth markings make the

GP Pointer II the most complete pointer on the market.


It is a hand-held metal detector to assist in the soil searching, but its universal design and capabilities

make it to be a device which might be used in different situations related to safety and personal control.

Power switch: press the button while using, long press the button to switch working modes, which are sound mode.

LED light: the white LED will remain illuminated while the unit is on, providing power-on indication and acting as a

flashlight when needed.

Lanyard attachment clip: use to attach the metal detector to your belt, digging pouch or your detector (if desired).

Holster: the convenient holster helps secure this detector to any standard size belt.


•    Color: orange, black (optional)

•    Battery: 1 * 9V battery (not included)

•    Operating temperatures: -10℃~70℃ (14℉~158℉)

•    Operating frequency: 12 kHz

•    Waterproof rating: IP66

•    Detection distance: coins 90mm

•    Tuning: automatic

•    Indicators: proportional audio/pulse rate

•    Controls: power switch

•    Metal detector length: 255mm / 10.0in

•    Metal detector weight: 130g / 4.6ounce

•   Package size: 260 * 60 * 60mm / 10.2 * 2.4 * 2.4in

•    Package weight: 238g / 8.4ounce

Package Contents

1 x GP Pointer II

1 x Woven Holster

1 x Safety Lanyard

1 x Instruction Manual

GP Pointer II

GP Pointer II




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