Metal Detecting

GP Pointer

GP Pointer

The GP-Pointer waterproof metal detector is a top recovery tool for hobby metal detecting or to compliment your gold detector.

A great accessory for any metal detector enthusiast. It can cut your search recovery time in half and help you pinpoint the treasure in the hole you have dug or in the sand plug you removed. Saving you time digging and searching in your hole is what the Pro Pointer is all about.

Ultra-high stability and high-sensitivity design, the detection surface is 360° unidirectional, making it easier to find contraband.

The product design is user-friendly, equipped with special hanging accessories, and the body is small and convenient to carry.

The front probe of the instrument is equipped with a high-brightness LED light, which can be used as a lighting tool in case of insufficient light.

The instrument does not need to be adjusted, and the operation is simple.


1. One-Touch operation.

2. Proportional audio/vibration pulse indicates targets.

3. Alarms increase in intensity based on target's proximity.

4. Pinpoint tip detection.

5. 360 side scan detection area

6. LED light for low light uses

7. Scraping blade for searching soil

8. Automatic tuning.

9. Operates up to 30 hours on a single easy-to-change 9 volt battery.

10. Waterproof.


• Length: 9” (22.9 cm)

• Thickness: 1.5” (3.8 cm) tapered to .875” (2.2 cm)

• Weight: 7 oz. (0.2 kg)

• Operating Frequency :12 kHz

• Tuning: Automatic

• Operating Temperatures: -35ºF (-37ºC) to 158ºF (70ºC)

• Water and Dust: Meets IEC 60529 IP 66 standards

• Battery: Single 9V (not included)

Package Contents

1 x GP Pointer

1 x Woven Holster

1 x Safety Lanyard

1 x Instruction Manual

GP Pointer

GP Pointer




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