Metal Detecting

Golden Mask 5+

Golden Mask 5+ Metal Detector

Golden Mask 5+ (PowerBox) is a vastly improved version of the original Golden Mask 5.

The improvements: added PowerBox for better depth, added Iron Audio setting, added Threshold setting, added Gain setting, new rain-resistant control box, better audio, better battery life and many others. The overall depth is around 20% better than on the GM5. There is around 50% improvement in depth for coins, laying vertically in the ground. The large LCD screen provides all the information you need about the machine and the target. Integrated wireless transmitter and wireless headphones are included in the package.

Like all the top-models of the brand, the Golden Mask 5 Plus has super-fast recovery speed, allowing the machine to successfully reveal non-ferrous targets (coins and others) between or even under iron objects. The GM5+ offers real dual-frequency operation - 8kHz for search on mineralized soils and for relic hunting with large coils, and 18kHz for fast operation and high sensitivity to hard-to-detect low-conducting metals as gold. The high-contrast monochrome display with spectrum VDI and target ID helps identifying targets with ease.

GM5 also has real all-metal mode - you hear all the metals under the coil and identify them by the screen data - in this mode the machine achieves better depths. This new model comes with better battery, allowing at least 10 hours of work with the PowerBox set to High. The telescopic carbon shaft makes the set very easy to transport, comfortable and lightweight - only 1.3 kg with the batteries and the 23 cm (9") kit coil. The Golden Mask 5+ is delivered with English controls, menu and user guide!


•    Brand: Golden Mask

•    Model: 5+

•    Technology: VLF

•    Frequency: 8 and 18 kHz

•    Ground Balance: manual and full-auto

•    Search Mode: motion, one-tone all metal, two-tone, one tone with discrimination

•    Controls: gain, threshold, power box, frequency, search mode, disc. depth, ground balance, tone, backlight, LCD contrast

•    Coil Type: Double D

•   Weight (incl. batteries): 1.3 kg with 23 cm (9") search coil

•    Battery: 10x2500mAh AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

•    Battery Life: min. 10 hours with Power Box set to High

•    Wireless Headphones: Yes, included

•    Headphones Jack: 6.35 mm - 1/4"

•    Charger: GM Smart Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug (Except LITE versions)

•    Warranty: 5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries

Golden Mask 5+ Control Panel

Golden Mask 5+




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