Metal Detecting

Golden Mask 4Pro

Golden Mask 4Pro Metal Detector

Golden Mask 4Pro is a top-of-the-line metal detector. The detector works at 18kHz and thanks of this frequency, it is very sensitive to small metallic objects and low-conducting metals - small coins, tiny jewellery and of course - gold nuggets. The detector has super-fast recovery speed making it ideal for searching in trash-polluted areas, especially if paired with a small-size search coil.

Thanks to the manual ground balance, the Golden Mask 4Pro detector could go deep in the ground.


•    Brand: Golden Mask

•    Model: 4Pro

•    Technology: VLF

•   Frequency: 18 kHz

•    Ground Balance: manual and auto

•    Search Mode: motion, two-tone, one tone with discrimination

•    Controls: sensitivity, frequency, discrimination, threshold, ground balance

•    Coil Type: Double D

•    Weight (incl. batteries): 1.4 kg with 23x25 cm (9x10") search coil

•    Battery: 10x1000mAh AA NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries

•    Battery Life: 25 hours

•    Wireless Headphones: No

•    Headphones Jack: 6.35 mm - 1/4"

•    Charger: GM Smart Charger, 100-220V, EU-plug (Except LITE versions)

•    Warranty: 5 years - the electronics board; 2 years - all the rest, except batteries

Golden Mask 4Pro Control Panel

Golden Mask 4Pro




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