Metal Detecting

Golden Mask 2

Golden Mask 2 Metal Detector

The classic 8kHz Golden Mask 2 is the successor of the legendary Bandito II metal detector they found the priceless Thracian golden mask with.

This machine could detect medium to large sized metal objects at great depth, but only in low to medium mineralized soils. On light soils the GM2 is as deep as the best models of the brand. The Golden Mask 2 is not suitable for searching on mineralized soils.


•    Model: Golden Mask 2

•    Frequency: 8kHz

•    Ground Balance; manual and auto

•    Controls: threshold, sensitivity, ground balance, discrimination level, volume, vco, tone

•    Search Mode: motion, one-tone with discrimination and multi-tone VCO

•    Coils Used: Double D

•    Battery: 1000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery

•    Battery Life: 25 hours

•    Wireless Headphones: No

•    Headphones plug: 6.35 mm - 1/4"

•    Weight: 1.7kg with 23x25 cm (9x10") search coil

•    Warranty Term: 5 years - the electronics; 2 years - the bat. charger and the coil

Golden Mask 2 Control Panel

Golden Mask 2




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