Metal Detecting

Garrett ATX

Garrett ATX Metal Detector

This amazing ATX detector is the finest example of what a multi-frequency Pulse Induction detector should be.

Certified for All Terrains (AT) deserts, mountains, in any and all (X) Xtreme conditions such as salt water beaches

(Waterproof up to 10 feet), and any ground that is highly mineralized.

Great features include: Advanced Pulse Induction, considered to be the optimum technology for deep signal

penetration; a robust, strong design; and a new Double D coil design for Xtreme and uniform sensitivity to gold

of all sizes. Ideal for hunting on land for gold prospecting and relic hunting in highly mineralized soils. Perfect for

land, beach and shallow water coin and jewelry hunting. Get Xtreme performance without Xtreme pricing!


•    Warranty : Protected by a 2 Year Warranty

•    Total Weight : Weighs in at 6.9 lbs. (3.1kgs)

•     Waterproof : Submersible Up to 10 Feet of Water

•     Audio : Emits Audio from an External Waterproof Speaker

•    Frequency : Emits a Maximum Frequency of 730 Pulses Per Second

•    Frequency Scan : Minimizes RFI Interference Automatically Through a Frequency Scan

•    Ground Track with 4 Settings : Offers Ground Track with 4 Settings That Can Be Changed Rapidly

•    Advanced Ground Balance : Doesn’t Require Ground Balance Manual Switching; Range from Ferrous to Salty


Garrett ACE ATX Control Panel

Garrett ATX Metal Detector




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