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Fisher F4

Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Fisher’s latest model for their new F series metal detectors has once again set a new standard for affordability and features -

The Fisher F4 metal detector features a waterproof 11″ open frame search coil created with “Double D” technology to ensure

maximum depth and incredible signal strength. Meanwhile the large digital face plate and easy-to-see push buttons put even

the most advanced features at your fingertips! An 11 segment digital target identification system will help you SEE your target

BEFORE you start to dig – don’t bother with pull tabs when you can locate coins and rings! Operating at a 5.9kHz frequency,

the Fisher F4 boasts FOUR search modes designed to help you sniff out treasure in any ground conditions! Search with “Auto

Tune” for all metals, use “Discrimination” mode to manually tune out the metals you don’t want to detect, utilize the “pinpoint”

feature to hone in on the smallest treasures and know exactly where to dig, or use “notch discrimination” to focus on gold, silver

and other precious metals!

The F4 features an adjustable discrimination and sensitivity, and the manual ground balance will allow you to detect in virtually

ANYWHERE, as you can tune out even the toughest ground mineralization.

Finally, the F4 has FOUR audio tones to help you identify targets not only by what you see on the large screen, but the type of

sound you hear! A five year warranty will ensure that you keep metal detecting with the Fisher F4 for as long as you want! This

is truly another outstanding metal detector added to Fisher’s already renowned F series!


• High Deep Seeking Auto Tune with Manual Ground Balance

• Visual Target ID by Category

• Numeric 0-99 Readout

• 11 Segment Digital Target ID

• 4 Tone Audio ID

• One Touch Notch

• One Touch Pinpoint with Numeric Depth Readout

• 11” Bi-Axial Search Coil

Recommended for:

• Coin Shooting

• Relic Hunting

• Beach Hunting

5 Year Warranty

Easy to use single menu design

Fisher F4 Demo




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