Metal Detecting

Fisher CZ-21

Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector

Fisher CZ-21

Underwater, in the Surf, on the Beach, ANYWHERE!

Available with 8" or 10.5" Search Coils

CZ-21 Quick Silver is a Premium Underwater Detector.

Whether it be Dry Land, Saltwater or Fresh Water, the CZ-21 Delivers.

You can go anywhere with the CZ-21 even 250 feet underwater. The CZ-21 is a go-anywhere, do anything, all-weather, target-ID machine that is leak proof to 250 feet. And its patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water. It is the perfect target ID machine for the versatile treasure hunter who wants to hunt anywhere-underwater, on the beach, in the surf, on dry land and in all kinds of weather.

Target ID: put on the headphones, swing the search coil, and listen to the 3-tone target I.D. A low tone means you are over iron, amid tone means pull tab or gold ring and a high tone means a coin. And a distinctive bell tone lets you know when you are over big , shallow targets, no more digging beer cans! For precise pinpointing, use the Pinpoint button, which puts the detector in a no-motion-required , all metal mode. See for yourself: If you are an all-around treasure hunter who will not settle for second best, the CZ-21 is the detector for you.

CZ-21 Quick Silver – Premium Underwater Detector Whether it be Dry Land, Saltwater or Fresh Water, the CZ-21 Delivers.


•    Saltwater or Fresh Water

•    Submersible up to 250 feet

•    Dual Frequency Fourier Domain Signal Analysis

•    Touch-Button., V.C.O. no Motion, Precise Pinpointing

•    Easy Manual Ground Balance

•     High Performance in Mineralized Soil

•     All Metal Auto-Tune Mode

•    Large Target Alert / Faint Target Audio Boost

•     3-Tone Audio Target-ID

•    Removable Control Housing for Belt-Mount

•   8” and 10” Coil Options

•    Operating Frequency: 5 and 15 kHz

Recommended for:

Beach Hunting

Shallow Water, Lake /Surf, Diving

Easy to use single menu design

Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector




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