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Discover Sport

Discover Sport Metal Detector

The DISCOVER sport includes exclusive Target ID technology and patented discrimination features. This technology

features two indicator scales that allow you to see the detector’s discrimination setting (Lower Scale) as well

as the analysis of each detected target (Upper Scale). The DISCOVER sports also features Enhanced Iron Resolution

(additional resolution for separating desirable targets from iron junk in cluttered areas) and a standard 11.5" × 15" elliptical

Double-D search coil engineered for optimum performance in more challenging mineralized soils.

The DISCOVER sports is the upgraded model of MD-6350. It is specifically designed for use in more

challenging environments such as mineralized grounds and iron-cluttered relic and coin hunting areas.

Applications: Gold Detection, Desert Detection, Military Use, Safety Inspection, Archeology, Treasure Hunting, Beach Detection


Mode - Indicates which of the five detection modes (Zero, Jewelry, Custom, Relics or Coins)

has been selected by highlighting the corresponding word on the LCD screen.

Target ID Legend - Works in conjunction with the Target ID Cursor to indicate a target's probable identity.

Ferrous (iron) targets will indicate on the left half, non-ferrous targets that are thin or have low conductivity will

indicate in the middle, and thick or high conductivity targets will indicate at the right.

Target ID Cursor (Upper Scale) - The Target ID cursor, in conjunction with the Target ID Legend,

indicates the probable identity of a detected target. The upper scale consists of twelve (12) graphic

segments for Target ID.

Lower Scale - The lower scale, or Notch Discrimination Scale, indicates the discrimination pattern.

The DISCOVER sport will produce an audible target response for the pixels that are switched on, and

no audible response for those that have been switched off. The Target ID Cursor will always indicate all targets.

The discrimination pattern can be adjusted by changing modes and / or using the

DISCRIM and Accept/Reject (√/×) pushbuttons.

Coin Depth Indicator - The depth of a coin, or similar sized target, is indicated in 2-inch increments.

Sweep over the target with the search coil 1 inch from the soil to get the most accurate reading.

Battery Level Indicator - Indicates the current battery condition. The detector will maintain full performance

until the batteries need to be replaced. Replace batteries when there is only 1 segment remaining. NiMH rechargeable

batteries may be used, but may have a shorter life per charge. You can expect 20 to 40 hours of operation depending

on battery type and quality. Access and replace the batteries by sliding the cover off the control housing. Remove

batteries when the DISCOVER sport will be stored for longer than 30 days.

Sensitivity Indicator - The DISCOVER sport has eight (8) settings for sensitivity.

11.5*15" Big Coil - Longer detecting distance and deeper searching range.


1. Power: 4 x 1.5V AA

2. Frequency: 8.58KHz

3. Current: Standby: 50mA Max: 270mA

4. Voltage: 6V

5. Operating Temperature:

6. Sensitivity: US 25/50 Cent: 300mm

7. Indication Mode: LCD Mode Sound Mode

8. Stretch Length: 42.5-51.2 inches

9. Detector Diameter:

10. Color: Yellow/Green

11. Weight: 1.7kg

12. Size:

13. Package Weight: 2.8kg

14. Package Size: 21.7(L) × 5.9(W) × 14.2(H) inches

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