Metal Detecting

Detech SSP 5100

 Detech SSP 5100 Metal Detector

Metal detectors for large masses of depth

The pulse induction metal detector Detect SSP 5100 and 'the news market as a combined research in depth even small objects having two coils,

and also a SSP-5100 digital discriminator is a unique combination of metal detectors and magnetometers that works hand in hand to detect the

"eddy currents" and "ferrous metals". Using the pulse induction technology can quickly discriminate between Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.

The discriminator can easily detect very large bulky objects, buried deeper than 30 feet (9m). This little gem is very easy to use. On automatically and it will take the level of the ground in less than 15 seconds. With him, without having to re-calibrate the sensor as soon as you go up or down on the disc.

For more demanding users, the advanced settings are available as a manual or "Millimetrica" ​​compensation setting down force. He exudes a feeling of power when used with particular sharpness and intensity of sound emitted on a target.

This is simply awesome. This effect varies depending on the size and depth of the detected object. -Tuning Super fast ground - larger display with higher definition, with a more precise graphics - more sensitive, better depth of detection - more features, but extremely intuitive and easy to operate - microprocessor tracks and controls all functions


•     - Control unit in a leather cover

•   - 14 "coil does not discriminatory

•    - Discriminating coil Square 1 m x 1 m

•    - Rechargeable Battery System

•    - Pack for external power supply

•    - Large bag deluxe


•    Approximate Weight: 24.69 Ounces - 700 Grams

•    Battery Requirements: Alkaline (S) & Rechargeable (S)

•    Battery Indicator: Yes

•    Brand: Detech

•    Built-In Flashlight: No

•   Search Coil Size: 1 m x 1 m Search Coil + 18" Round with Pole Set

•    Country: Bulgaria

•    Ground Balance: Manual or Auto Ground Balance

•   Headphone Jack Size: 1/4 Inch

•    Holster Included: Yes

•   Includes Bonus Items: Yes

•    Operating Mode: All Metal and Discriminate

•    Operating Frequency: 100 Hz

•    Circuitry Type: Pulse

•    Search Coil Shape: Square

•    Search Coil Type : Pulse

•    Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes

•    Vibrating Alert : No

•   Visual Identification: LCD Screen

•    Warranty: 2 Years

Optional Accessories

•    - 5 "coil is not discriminatory

•    -14 "Coil is not discriminatory

•    -18 "Coil is not discriminatory

•    -18 "Discriminating coil

•    - Coil non-discriminatory 1,5 x 1,5 m

•    - Discriminating coil 1.5 x 1.5 m

•    - 2 x 2 m non-discriminatory coil

•    - Discriminating coil 2 x 2 m

Detech SSP 5100 Control Panel



Detech SSP 5100




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