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Detech SSP 3100

Detech SSP 3100 Metal Detector

Pulse Induction Depth Metal Detector DETECH SSP-3100 DIGITAL DISCRIMINATOR three search-coils set

Detech SSP-3100 Digital Discriminator Deep Pulse Induction Metal Detector is a unique combination of a detector and a magnetometer working together to detect vortex currents for ferrous or non-ferrous metals up to 6 meters deep.

The use of pulse-induction technology can detect deeply contaminated metals, the depth depends on many factors such as soil type,

humidity, type of metal, etc.

The use of the metal detector with a large search antenna (1x1m) allows for great depth penetration and rapid scanning of a large area. The small 13cm (5 “) and 36cm (14”) circular MONO search-coils (without discrimination) serve to more accurately locate metal objects and search in narrow spaces.

The Pulse Induction principle has several advantages:

•    The search antenna is not part of a resonant circuit (as with all VLF detectors), allowing the antenna to be arbitrary in shape and size.

•     Small and unwanted objects can be filtered so they do not trigger a signal, as the detector actually goes through them by detecting only the desired larger metal objects buried in greater depth.

•     The reception and transmission phases are time-spread, which helps to realize a high sensitivity, compared to the VLF metal detectors.

•    Extremely deep detection depth unachievable for VLF detectors.

•    Pulse-induction technology allows deep demand and in highly mineralized soils.


•    Fully managing microprocessor;

•    Automatic ground balance (automatic tuner);

•    Manual ground balance;

•    Automatic tracking

•    DELAY control;

•    New digital pulse format;

•    Graphic Target Analysis;

•    Mode All metals / No motion;

•    Display lights;

•    Search coils of different sizes.


•     Voltage: 12V. The metal detector stops when the voltage drops below the critical value.

•    Consumption: 110 mA min (no sound and lighting). Maximum power consumption: 180 mA;

•    Frequency of operation: 100 Hz;

•    Sound: 0.2Hz – 2.0kHz;

•   Battery: 1700mAh rechargeable NiMH;

•    Input for charger: 110V AC, 60Hz. Output: 17V DC;

•    Battery charge time (empty): maximum 10 hours;

•    Fully managing microprocessor;

•    Automatic ground balance;

•     Weight, control box, incl. the battery – 700 grams.

Standard Package

•    Control box with leather case;

•    Rechargeable battery;

•    1x1m square antenna – frame (with discrimination);

•    13cm (5 “) and 36cm (14”) round MONO probes (non-discrimination);

•    External power supply unit;

•    Leather bag.

Detech SSP 3100 Control Panel

Detech SSP 3100




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