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Detech Chaser

 Detech Chaser Metal Detector

Designed to operate with an innovative very low frequency very low frequency models available in 3 frequencies of 4.8 kHz the most penetrating into

the ground, 14khz the more 'precise and stable recommended for our mineralized soils, and 28 kHz the most sensitive but also the most affected the mineralization. The new metal detector Detech Chaser fact appropriate to better penetrate the soil and reach objects that no one else and 'failed to detect before now. Suitable for detection of militaria war research wrecks and well distinctive bronze medals gold coins argente in shoreline forests plowed fields

The Detech Chaser 14kHz VLF metal detector combines:

•    The best depth and sensitivity

•   Extremely stable operation

•   Excellent discrimination


•    5 languages Menu – English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

•    It also features a HELP function in each of the languages

•    14 kHz operating frequency

•    LCD display

•    Easily adjustable discrimination levels

•    Four preset discrimination programs: DISC ZERO, RELIC, COINS, BEACH.

•    Ultimate 9″ stock coil.4 x AA batteries providing more than 20 hours of continuous operation.

•    1/4 Inches stereo headphones output

•    1.5 kg (3.5 lbs) including the batteries and the Ultimate 9″ stock coil.


•    Approximate Weight: 3 Pounds 5 Ounces - 1520 Grams with Batteries

•    Audio Identification: Multiple

•   Battery Requirements: 4 - AA

•    Battery Indicator: Yes

•    Brand: Detech

•    Built-In Flashlight: Yes

•    Search Coil Size: 9" Search Coil

•    Country: Bulgaria

•    Ground Balance: Manual or Auto Ground Balance

•    Headphone Jack Size: 1/4 Inch

•    Length: Folded 28" - Extends from 35" to 56"

•    Operating Mode: All Metal and Discriminate

•    Operating Frequency: 14 kHz

•    Circuitry Type: VLF

•   Pinpoint Mode: Yes

•   Search Coil Shape: Round

•    Search Coil Type : Ultimate

•    Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes

•    Vibrating Alert : No

•    Visual Identification: LCD Screen

•    Water Resistance: Waterproof Coil

Package Contents

•    Electronic control unit

•     Telescopic stem (carbon fiber)

•    Charger for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

•    Ultimate 9″ coil,

•    User manual (English)

•    2 Years Guarantee

Detech Chaser Control Panel

Detech Chaser




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