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DeepTech Vista Warrior

DeepTech Vista Warrior Metal Detector

DeepTech Vista Warrior 18 kHz

The DeepTech Vista Warrior is a unique metal detector in our range that offers more control with the ability to

adjust the gain and sensitivity separately, this offers more advantages over other models on more terrains.

You can adjust the sensitivity and gain controls separately to settle the Warrior down and fine tune the detector to suit the

area and land you search on, be it issues with interference from EMI or tiny ground deposits that can lead to false signals,

so you can adjust each control to eliminate audio feedback that these elements can produce.

Also with the Vista Warrior the audio tones have been lifted and sharpened over some models in the Vista range, so now

it's easier to hear the differences between ferrous and non ferrous targets, this especially is good for when working in

busy iron areas where audio clarity is needed.

The Warrior has all the controls you need on the faceplate that some people prefer, this allows

for ease of use and for you to see what exactly you've adjusted with a brief look.

You have all the favorite settings and features that people come to like in our Metal Detectors such as Sensitivity

and newly added Gain and Manual Ground Balance, Boost Mode and All-Metal also Single Tone and Two Tone

modes that are tied in with a great Iron Discrimination channel.

The performance of the Vista Warrior is brilliant to say the least, from rapid recovery speed to great depth all come

from a flick of a switch or a turn of a dial, no complicated settings or menus to get wrong, the Warrior is known as a

great all round field machine but yet simple to setup.

So no matter what level of field detecting you're at in life the Vista Warrior will find you some great historical

artifacts either tiny or large, if your field holds the finds without a doubt the Warrior can help you find them.


•    Operating Frequency - 18 kHz

•    Detector type - motion

•    Sensitivity control - Yes

•    Volume control - Yes

•    Manual Ground Balance - Yes

•    Modes of operation - DISC. Mode - REJ. Mode (2 Tone Mode) - ALL METAL. Mode

•    Recovery speed - Very fast

•    Booster - Yes

•    Searchcoil Type - 2D

•     Searchcoil Size - 11.5” x7.5" DD

•    Cable Length (approx.) - 53” ( 135 cm )

•    Audio Frequency (approx.) - 780/390 Hz

•    Weight (with batteries ) - (approx.)1400g.

•    Battery Requirements - We strongly recommend to use 8 x 1,5 V AA Alkaline Batteries

or rechargeable Batteries with more than 2000mA/h

•    Battery Life (typical) - 20-25 hours

•    LED Low Battery alert - Yes

•     Operation Temperature Range - 10-40 C

•    Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H.

DeepTech Vista Warrior Control Panel

DeepTech Vista Warrior




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