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DeepTech Vista Mini

DeepTech Vista Mini Metal Detector

The Vista Mini is a simple yet effective metal detector aimed for the beginner to the hobby, also designed to

perform very well in the field without the headaches of confusing settings that detectors can bring.

Really is the most simplest detector in our range and on the planet, the Vista Mini also comes with

preset discrimination and due to running a lower kHz than the Mini Max it's also very stable too.

Running at 7.6 kHz the Mini has good all round performance when detecting for many different sized objects, this

also makes the machine ideal for finding very desirable items like hammered coinage and other great treasures, all will be open

to the beginners in the hobby using this detector if the ground has them buried and within the Mini's parameters.

You can also be assured that the Vista Mini has good recovery speed that helps when

trying to find artifacts around iron what is very important on busy fields.

The Vista Mini works solely on a single audio tone, this allows you to easily learn the detector fast, you will also

hear the differences between shallow small items and larger deeper items through the audio tone alone after time.

When targets are located you can use the all-metal mode to help check and identify unwanted

metals like large iron (ferrous) items that many machines can struggle with. Smaller iron is taken

care of silently with the preset discrimination channel that the Mini utilizes brilliantly.

DeepTech designed the Mini to be easy to use for any level of Detectorist in the hobby, with only the two control

dials and a single toggle switch you can't really get things wrong what in return can make for good detecting sessions.

Volume, sensitivity also one toggle switch are the only controls on the Mini, the toggle switch is multi functional and

allows for Disc mode and All-Metal Mode also ground balance. All-Metal mode is great for archeological work when

all metals are to be detected and recovered from the ground.

Ground balancing is very easy to do on the Mini and once you've found a clean patch of ground free from all metallic

objects you then just hold down the toggle switch then raise and lower the coil about one to seven inches off the ground,

once the detector falls silent in audio the ground balance is complete then just switch to disc mode and start to detect.

Once you mastered the simplistic controls you can start to detect in the field

within 5-10 seconds or less with the Mini once you're familiar with it.

Well recommended detector for the novice and easy day advance Detectorist


•     Operating Frequency - 8.6 kHz

•    Detector type - motion

•    Sensitivity control - Yes

•    Volume control - Yes

•    Manual Ground Balance - Yes

•    Modes of operation - 3

•    DISC. Mode

•    ALL METAL. Mode

•    Searchcoil Type - 2D

•    Searchcoil Size - 11" DD

•   Cable Length (approx.) - 55” ( 135 cm )

•    Audio Frequency (approx.) - 780 Hz

•    Weight (with batteries ) - (approx.)1320g.

•    Battery Requirements - We strongly recommend to use 8 x 1,5 V AA Alkaline Batteries

or rechargeable Batteries with more than 2000mA/h

•    Battery Life (typical) - 20-25 hours

•    LED Low Battery alert - Yes

•    Operation Temperature Range - 10-40 C

•    Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H.

DeepTech Vista Mini Control Panel

DeepTech Vista Mini




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