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DeepTech Vista Gold

DeepTech Vista Gold Metal Detector

DeepTech Vista Gold is highly respected in the detecting community around the world and has grown a great

reputation for being a great machine with amazing all round detecting performance.

Running at 25 kHz the Vista Gold really does well at finding tiny items like small gold nuggets in mineralized

ground and also in non mineralized ground.The Vista Gold is also great for finding tiny also large coins

and artifacts within reach of the coils detection range in all field conditions.

The Vista Gold has very fast recovery speed what is very important when searching in ferrous

ladened fields for non ferrous targets.

The Vista Gold is a tone ID metal detector (Audio only) and this is one of the most productive ways for

searching any field and the preferred choice of many professional detectorist around the world.

With the Vista Gold you have various search modes what can be activated at the flick of some

nicely allocated switches that are explained below.

(Fast mode) this gives you the option to gain better recovery speed for separating targets.

(Slow mode) this gives you to achieve better depth on targets when the ground allows.

(Boost mode) this mode allows you to amplify quiet signals.

You can run your Vista Gold in three audio modes also that are explained below.

Two Tone ID (this mode will produce a low tone for ferrous targets and a high for non-ferrous targets).

Single Tone (this mode will produce a high tone for non-ferrous targets and be silent over ferrous targets depending on size and shape)

All Metal (this mode will produce a high tone for every non-ferrous and ferrous targets detected) this is also the

preferred choice for archeology work when all metals are to obtained from the soil.

With the Vista Gold you have a complete Iron Volume control, this allows you to silent the ferrous audio for when

searching on busy fields, you can alter this volume so you don't hear ferrous targets or adjust to your personal preference.

The Vista Gold comes with manual Ground Balance adjustment.This allows you to precisely ground balance the machine in order to

cancel out ground feedback audio so this makes the soil invisible to the metal detector as such in order to find items in the ground efficiently.


•    Operating Frequency - 25 kHz

•    Detector type - motion

•    Sensitivity control - Yes

•    Volume control - Yes

•    Manual Ground Balance - Yes

•    Modes of operation - 3

•    DISC. Mode

•    2 Tone Mode (low tone for ferrous objects and high tone for non-ferrous objects)

•    ALL METAL. Mode

•    Recovery speed - Very fast

•    Booster - Yes

•    Pinpoint - Yes

•    Searchcoil Type - 2D

•    Searchcoil Size - 11" DD

•    Cable Length (approx.) - 53” ( 135 cm )

•    Audio Frequency (approx.) - 780/390 Hz

•    Weight (with batteries ) - (approx.)1400g.

•    Battery Requirements - We strongly recommend to use 8 x 1,5 V AA Alkaline Batteries

or rechargeable Batteries with more than 2000mA/h

•   Battery Life (typical) - 20-25 hours

•    LED Low Battery alert - Yes

•    Operation Temperature Range - 10-40 C

•    Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H.

DeepTech Vista Gold Control Panel

DeepTech Vista Gold




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