Metal Detecting

DeepTech Megapulse Force

DeepTech Megapulse FORCE Metal Detector

Megapulse FORCE is the next generation of our well known detector Megapulse III,

developed on the idea of our friend, the famous German prospector, explorer and writer

Reinhold Ostler. That's why we keep his idea for the name of this series.

Megapulse FORCE pulse induction system is developed to automatically retune,

so that changes in the ground mineralization and unwanted metal targets are eliminated.

The unit works at great depths and ranges by smooth and stable operation from the control

unit in automatic motion mode.


Megapulse FORCE standard equipment -

•     Control Unit

•    Leather Carry Case with Strap

•     Charge system

•     11” Round Coil

•    1m/1m Square Coil with Carry Strap

•    3-PC Handle for the round coil

•    2 Sets screw and washers, 2 zip ties

•    DVD with User Manual


• Working Voltage 12v DC

• Continuous Power Consumption 190mA

• Maximum Power Consumption 380mA

• Working Frequency 100-130Hz

• Sound Range 0-10000Hz

• Battery Type - Rechargeable 1,3(2,3-optional)Ah,hermetic,acid Battery

• Battery Charging Time (empty) 8-10 Hours

• Charger Output 14,6 VDC 500 mA

• Charger Input 100/240 V 50/60Hz AC

DeepTech Megapulse FORCE Control Panel

DeepTech Megapulse FORCE




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