Metal Detecting


C.SCOPE CS4Pi Metal Detector

Simple to operate Non-Motion detector with Audio Discrimination.

The 770XD is a simple and affordable entry level non-motion detector featuring the famous C.SCOPE Audio Discrimination.

Switch on and start detecting. Listen to the loudspeaker signals. Good targets are high tones. Bad targets give a low tone.

It seems like such a simple idea but isn’t this every treasure hunter’s dream of a detector? The CS770XD employs C.Scope’s

‘non-motion’ technology, much favored by professionals for the meticulous search technique which is possible with this style

of detector. The CS770XD is optimized for inland and beach use. The CS770XD is such a smart concept, a fair few detectorists

at all levels of the hobby are big fans.


•    Sensitivity and Retune button so you can simply adjust the detector so it works at peak performance no matter what the conditions.

•    Audio Discrimination identifies good targets with high pitched tone while less worthwhile ferrous based finds are identified by a low pitched growl.

•    Beach - Inland Switch optimizes performance for both inland and beach use making it an incredibly good value and versatile detector.

•    Counterbalanced stem with Arm-rest has been designed for fingertip control and perfect balance.

•    Lightweight Control Box ensures the detector is especially easy on the arm.

•     Adjustable Stem and locking mechanism enables the detector to be quickly and securely tailored to fit any user.

•    Waterproof lightweight search head is fitted for deep probing and superb stability.

•    Internal Loudspeaker.

•     Headphone socket.


C.SCOPE CS4Pi Control Panel





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