Metal Detecting

C.SCOPE Bill Wyman

C.SCOPE Bill Wyman Metal Detector

Ultra lightweight and simple beginner’s detector.

If you’re new to detecting and looking for a simple and affordable entry level detector

then the WYMAN Signature detector could be the right detector for you.

The Bill Wyman Signature detector is far and away the best machine for youngsters starting out in the hobby.

There's also a really informative website which points the way on all sorts of questions which the beginner is

likely to have. (

The Bill Wyman Signature Detector comes from Bill's years of detecting experience plus

top technology from the best known name in metal detecting, C.SCOPE.


•    Very lightweight so young children can use the detector comfortably.

•    Incredibly easy to use. Just switch on and go this totally intuitive metal detector.


C.SCOPE Bill Wyman Control Panel

C.SCOPE Bill Wyman




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