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Bounty Hunter Titanium

Bounty Hunter Titanium Metal Detector

Introducing the Bounty Hunter Titanium Metal Detector

The Titanium Camo is a premium metal detector from Bounty Hunter. It is a professional level metal detector that features both audio

and visual target identification, 2 search modes, digital depth indicator, LCD display and more. This is one fully featured machine that

lets you do it all!

It will find coin-sized targets up to 9” (22cm) deep; while larger objects can be found much deeper. Although it has been designed for

seasoned professionals, it is so easy-to-use that even first time treasure hunters will be able to discover the oldest and deepest coins,

jewellery and relics.

Standard Bounty Hunter design features include a built-in speaker, adjustable aluminum stem with ergonomic s-rod handle, padded

armrest and comfortable hand grip.


•    Unique camo design – look the part of a real hunter!

•    Intuitive menu system with LCD display and touchpad controls

•    Digital depth indicator – know how deep you have to dig to reach your target

•    Adjustable sensitivity for maximum detection depth

•    Two search modes, pinpoint mode, discrimination mode and all metal motion mode

•    8 target-ID categories and numerical target-ID system

•    Selectable notching capabilities, discrimination by category and six levels of adjustable discrimination

•    Pre-set ground balance to minimize the effects of minerals in the ground

•    8” (20cm) concentric, open waterproof search coil and interchangeable coil system

•    Visual battery life and low battery indicators – know how much treasure hunting time you have left and get alerted when power is low

•    Frequency 7.8 kHz

•    Powered by 1 x 9V alkaline battery

•    ¼” (6.5mm) headphone jack


•    Brand - Bounty Hunter

•    LCD Display - Yes

•    Intuitive Menu System - Yes

•    Numerical Depth Readout - Yes

•    Adjustable Sensitivity - Yes

•    Knob Control Interface - No

•    Push-button Control Interface - N/A

•    Touchpad Control Interface - Yes

•    Audio Pitch Proportional to Signal Strength - No

•    Visual Battery Life Indicator - Yes

•    Low Battery Indicator - Yes

•    Coin Depth Indicator - N/A

•    Maximum Coin Depth - 9 inches

•    Number of Search Modes - 2

•    Pinpoint Mode - Yes

•    Discrimination Mode - Yes

•    All Metal Motion Mode - Yes

•    Overload Alarm System - No

•    Transmit Frequency - 7.8kHz

•    Numerical Target-ID System - Yes

•    Non-Numerical Category Target-ID - No

•    Number of Target-ID Categories - 8

•    Discrimination by Category - Yes

•    Levels of Adjustable Discrimination - 6

•    Number of Tones - 1

•    Selectable Notching Capabilities - Yes

•    Enhanced V-Break® - No

•    Pre-set Notch - No

•    Ground Grab® - No

•    Pre-set Ground Balance - Yes

•    Manual Ground Balance - No

•   Search Coil - 8" concentric, open search coil

•    Accepts Accessory Coils - Yes

•    Power Supply - 1 x 9V alkaline battery

•    1/4" Headphone Jack - Yes

•    Warranty - 5 years

Titanium Control Panel

Bounty Hunter Titanium




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