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Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector

Introducing the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter's Time Ranger detector is the top of the line and offers the excitement and profit of metal detecting, with exhaustive

features for professional treasure hunters. The fully submersible, 8-inch Bounty D-Tech search coil features an interchangeable coil

and Ground Trac, which automatically balances the machine to the soil conditions. The Time Ranger boasts a large, multi-function

LCD readout with touchpad control that displays target ID, depth, sensitivity level, a ground balance monitor, iron level discrimination,

and the battery level.

The touch-pads keep all modes of operation accessible while the LCD acts as a constant reference source. The fully programmable

touchpad is relatively intuitive, even for someone who's never used a metal detector before. The detector features three-tone audio

discrimination and four-level iron discrimination, as well as Sniff mode, which is a specialized feature that can quickly adjust your

detector to eliminate only one item on the target ID scale or accept only one item on the target ID scale. Sniff mode can also be

used if you find one type of trash item repeatedly in an area; you can reject it while still detecting all other metals.

Other features include manual ground balance (which enables users to set the balance for the mineralization of the soil for flexibility

between soil types) and extras like the included Bounty D-Tech 8-inch search coil and 4-inch Gold Nugget coil. The Time Ranger has

a built-in speaker and headphone jack and runs off of two 9-volt alkaline batteries.

Five-year limited warranty.


•    Weight - 4 lbs

•    Length - Adjustable

•    Coil - 8 inch concentric waterproof search coil

•    Operates on two 9V alkaline batteries

•    Operating frequency 6.6 kHz


•    Fully programmable operation for maximum operational functionality

•    Blanker feature rejects unwanted targets with a push of a button

•    Sniff mode 'clones' targets precise hunting

•    3-Tone audio discrimination gives unique tone for different kinds of metal

•    Ground-Trac monitors ground mineralization for efficient operation

•    Target-ID and depth readout

Time Ranger Control Panel

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger




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