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Bounty Hunter Platinum

Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

Introducing the Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector

One of Bounty Hunter's top of the line metal detectors, featuring enhanced target identification with easy to use custom programs, a ground balance control, expanded depth reading and a jumbo LCD Display screen. At just over two pounds, this is one lightweight, modern Bounty Hunter metal detector that offers exceptional performance.

Advanced Features, Yet Easy To Use!

Tired of metal detectors that are so complicated that they make your head spin? Are you looking for an easy to use metal detector that offers top of the line features that anyone can use? The wait is over, the Bounty Hunter Platinum has arrived! Simply hit the power on button and you are ready to start treasure hunting. No complicated setup routines. This detector is ready to start finding treasure from the moment you turn it on.

Best Value!

When Bounty Hunter introduced the new Gold and Platinum metal detector models, we realized that they had just made available two detectors that would open up the hobby to many new treasure hunters. The Bounty Hunter Platinum model is not only easy to use but is one of the most versatile detectors we have seen in a while. This unit will help you locate the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics in all ground conditions. One metal detector that does it all! The Bounty Hunter Platinum is great for both the first time treasure hunter and the seasoned professional. You can turn it on and go or use the many advanced features to customize this detector for your style of treasure hunting.

Comfortable, Lightweight Design

Hunt for hours without fatigue. This is one lightweight, fully featured metal detector that lets you do it all! Now you can hunt for hours at the beach, parks, old home sites, school yards or in the woods. Discover the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics with the Bounty Hunter Platinum. This is Bounty Hunters' top of the line metal detector. The detector features both audio and visual target identification, custom modes, an expanded depth reading and a jumbo LCD display screen. The Platinum features a ground balance adjustment to eliminate the effects of minerals at the beach.

Cutting Edge Design, Incredible Depth & Performance

The Bounty Hunter Platinum was designed under the direction of Dave Johnson, Chief Designer for First Texas Products. Dave is one of the top engineers in the metal detecting industry. He has designed leading-edge metal detectors for American manufacturers for over 25 years. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is one of his latest accomplishments for the Bounty Hunter brand. Many of his design platforms are the backbone of several companies high end product offerings today. Pictured below, you can see that the engineering team works hard and plays hard.

Jumbo LCD Target Identification Display

The Bounty Hunter Platinum features a large, easy to read display that will identify the target before you dig it! The display is easy to read outdoors and measures a full 3 inches by two inches. The display will identify common targets such as iron, foil, nickels, soda can pull tabs, screw caps, pennies dimes quarters etc. The Platinum will also provide a unique target identification number for every target. This additional dimension of target identification is important when searching for unusual relics or targets with a unique level of conductivity like gold coins, civil war relics including buckles, buttons and mini balls. The advanced identification features found on this detector will help you dig less trash and find more treasures. Make the most of your time in the field with the Bounty Hunter Platinum.


•    Operating frequency: 7.8 kHz
•    Jumbo 2 Digit LCD Target Readout
•    LCD Depth Display
•    Low Battery Indicator
•    No Motion Ground Grab
•    Push-Button Pinpoint Control
•    4 Modes of Operation
•    Computer Assisted Ground Balance
•    8 Inch Open Face Coil System
•    Numeric Depth Display
•    Progressive Discrimination
•    4 Tone Audio Discrimination
•    Sensitivity Adjustment
•    Adjustable Volume Control
•    Overload Alarm System
•    Arm Strap Included
•    Arc Stand Built Into Handle
•    Padded Arm Rest
•    Comfort Hand-Grip
•    Search Coils: 8" D-Tech (standard), 11" x 7" BiAxial (Pro package)
•    Power Supply: One 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)
•    Battery life: 25 hours
•    Adjustable 3 Piece Aluminum Stem
•    Headphone Jack: 1⁄8″ Mini Jack
•    Length: 110-148 cm (adjustable)
•    Operating temperature range: 0° to +40°C
•    Operating Humidity range: 0-90%
•    5 Year Warranty

Platinum Control Panel

Bounty Hunter Platinum




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