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Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200

Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector

Introducing the Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 Metal Detector

The Discovery 2200 metal detector is the middle of the Discovery range from Bounty Hunter. It is an advanced level metal detector

that has all the essential features that search enthusiasts and treasure hunters can appreciate ­– both audio and visual target

identification, digital depth indicator, LCD display and more.

It will detect coin-sized objects up to 8” (20cm) deep; while larger objects can be found much deeper. The 4-tone audio

feedback helps you distinguish between different types of metals which makes looking for hidden treasures like coins,

jewellery and relics easy. Whether you're new to the hobby or have been doing it for years you will find this machine

easy to use and get hours of hunting fun with the Discovery 2200.

Standard Bounty Hunter design features include a built-in speaker, adjustable aluminum stem with ergonomic s-rod handle,

padded armrest and comfortable handgrip. This strong, lightweight machine will let you comfortably treasure hunt for

hours at the beach, park or in the bush.


•    Weight - 1.1kg (2.5 pounds)

•    Length - Adjustable

•    Coil - 17.8 cm (7 inch) waterproof searchcoil

•    Operates on (2) 9V alkaline batteries

•    Operating frequency 6.6 kHz


•    LCD display and touchpad controls

•    Adjustable sensitivity for maximum detection depth

•    Digital depth indicator – know how deep you have to dig to reach your target

•    3 search modes, discrimination mode and all metal motion mode

•    Selectable notching capabilities, 5 levels of adjustable discrimination, 4 tone audio feedback and discrimination by category

•    Pre-set ground balance to minimize the effects of minerals in the ground

•    8” (20cm) concentric, open waterproof search coil and interchangeable coil system

•    Visual battery life indicator – know how much treasure hunting time you have left

•    Frequency 6.6 kHz

•    Powered by 2 x 9V alkaline batteries

•    ¼” (6.5mm) headphone jack

•    5-year warranty

•    Made in USA

Discovery 2200 Control Panel

Discovery 2200 Metal Detector




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