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Amulet Waterproof Cases

Amulet Waterproof Cases

Designed for the Garrett Ace Series Metal Detectors - This includes the very popular Garrett Ace 150/250/350 detectors as well as their recent line of Garret Ace 200/300/400 and 200i/300i/400i units.Turn your Garrett into an all terrain, all weather hunter with the simple addition of an Amulet Waterproof Housing. Without a doubt, one of the best upgrades you can add to your Garrett Ace Metal Detector. The Amulet is built tough so it will handle the knocks and the scrapes. Its fully waterproof, so hunting in the rain or fresh water hunting is now an option. The benefits of protecting your investment could not be safer than in one of these waterproof cases.


Amulet Underwater Box is especially for the most popular and mass popular lines of devices of Garret Ace's models, which makes happy their owners with the new decisions, trouble free work and indestructibility 150/250/350 for many years, and of course for the new models announced in 2016 in the line of Garret Ace 200/300/400 and 200i/300i/400i.Amulet Underwater Boxing extends different possibilities of this device cardinally. This device grows from land into an all weather amphibian.

It will protect CB from snow, rain, mud and physical elimination at falling from a height, falling on it and so on(when it's on the land).In water it will give an opportunity to search(especially executable in summer months)pleasant finds of gold and silver. It will allow not standing when it's so hot and when it's rather hot to search on the land you may combine a pleasant coolness with possible gladness of findings. Having rather small cost of the Amulet Underwater Boxing it can be compensated for one exit (for example if you find a wedding ring which is nearly 3grammes).

Amulet Underwater Box sets on the barbell of Garret Ace into place of CB.CB sets into box (details are shown on video, link is below). The regular socket of spool is finished a little (details are shown on video, link is below). You can use any headphones (mono) with the plug (6.3mm-large jack). Working depth is to 1metre, maximum depth of immersion is 2metres.

Amulet Underwater Box which is set on a barbell has positive buoyancy that is very convenient at a submarine search. When you find an aim, a device can be released and it'll float near the surface.

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