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earthSCAN - was originally set-up as a volunteer group whose main objectives were to monitor & clean up the mess left in Parks, Reserves, Beaches and other area's where the public gather for leisure activities - During the years I have been doing this I have seen first hand our Parks & Reserves deteriorate due to the lack of maintenance in these area's - This then has an adverse effect on public use as the facilities no longer become an attractive place to enjoy yourself or time with your family -

We recycle all of the rubbish we find from the area's we hunt. Any items that do have Historical value are donated to the closest Museum in the area as well as any valuable items found are if possible, returned to their rightful owners.

Personally I find this hobby to be rewarding in so many ways - You get to learn about some awesome equipment - You learn to think and act like a true hunter, but without the kill - Everything you retrieve out of the ground has its own story - Its a hobby that both physically and mentally stimulates - Fantastic if you are getting over health problems or carry a disability - I am still to this day, yet to find another hobby that ticks all those boxes & the people throughout the world share a common passion for this hobby/sport.

If you are interested in having a go, or wanting to learn more, please contact me and I will do everything i can in helping you enjoy this rewarding hobby.

It's all about .... Cleaning Up

- Thanks to IrocOn2 for allowing me to share with you the great work metal detectorists do to benefit our communities -

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